Hello! If you have ended up here, you probably have come to know more about who I am, besides all the posts I write on my blog! Well, wonder no more, because here I am to write about myself, an entire page devoted to just that, charming!

Well, I go by the real name of Hayley May, and I was born to a Mexican father and a British mother within the delightful country that you all know as England, UK. I have four half-siblings, two of whom are Mexican and two of whom are British. I am the only child of my respective parents.

Trauma and the wounded healer

What more can I say from here except that life growing up was rather miserable for me? My parents split up during that time I was in the womb and I was raised with a violent, abusive step-father. I never met my real father until I was 18, and at the age of 19 I experienced the effects of a divorce leaving me with post traumatic stress disorder.

From here things only spiralled worse as I attempted to heal myself, yet without the right tools, support, and in the face of continuing psychological and ritual religious abuse. I was eventually diagnosed with Complex PTSD alongside a Dissociative Disorder, and various health problems triggered by the trauma including an autoimmune disease called Addison’s Disease. After having nearly died as a result, I started to make the long journey back towards health and wholeness with the aid of modern medicine, psychotherapy, holistic healing, shamanic journeying, and the magick of witchcraft.

In essence, you can call me the wounded healer. I was brutally torn in half – not just in half, but shattered into thousands of pieces. Something that should’ve killed me – didn’t. And I came back from that stronger than ever.

It’s apt then that the asteroid of the mythological wounded healer, the centaur Chiron, conjuncts my Virgo Sun in my natal chart. Virgo is the basic sign of health, with some modern astrologers having it co-ruled by Chiron. I was born to be a healer, but not just any healer – A wounded, broken, shattered healer, who learns how to heal others through healing themselves. Virgo also represents the Goddess who holds the snake – that awesome serpentine, Kundalini power which through the earthy shamanic process, rises, heals and unifies.

Purpose of this website

This website is my sacred space on the internet where I share such a journey here, for all wounded healers everywhere to find, and learn and be comforted from. And it is a place where I can offer healing to those who need the help.

I have learned so much on this journey, especially about the importance of being connected to those traits we consider to be the Divine Feminine, such as the rest of darkness, grounding, empowerment, fertility, creativity, and ultimately healing.

I am a child of the Earth, but not just of Earth, but of Nature, a creation of flesh and blood and bones and a witness to the physical plane in which I live, taking a positive view of the natural world and embracing all that She has to offer. I am of Nature, and Nature is one with me.

Connecting to the underworld and bringing that healing and lost power, returning it to our bodies, that is the real work. Becoming an embodied goddess, who can create my own reality.

Other cool things about me

As for daily life, I hear you ask, what kind of things do I do and like? Well, firstly, I am a plant aficionado, and enjoy tending and adding to my indoor garden. Bringing nature indoors is one of my favourite things… Well, except all the spiders and gnats! Spiders freak me out, moths too!

I also have the cutest fluffy, a small miniature Labradoodle who brings me joy and love. She certainly keeps me fit and healthy with all the daily walks she requires! Sometimes when I’m feeling up to extra exercise, I will do some yin yoga too, which makes you slow down and stop and really meditate on how your body is feeling in each pose.

I also recently came out as a lesbian, after having been in the closet to myself and everyone for my entire life, and am happy to date some day when I feel the time is right.

Besides that, I am a fan of BTS, or an ARMY, as we call each other. BTS got me through some tough times in my life, and I’ve been to their two concerts so far here in England. I have two tattoos to match! I am hoping to get more tattoos.

I also enjoy tweeting too much on the twitter app (you can follow me here), but it helps me to have a place to get my thoughts out somewhere sometimes. I’m generally an amiable person, enjoy chatting to people and making friends, though I can be a bit too chilled out for my own good and can get carried away in my own personal bubble.

And who doesn’t like chilling out in front of the TV to Netflix or Disney+ these days? My favourite shows tend to have some kind of spiritual/mythological/witchy focus, such as The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The Magicians, His Dark Materials, The Witcher, Fort Salem, Lord of the Rings, and I have a guilty pleasure too for Marvel/DC and Star Wars!

And I think that about sums me up! I’m a homebody and enjoy just pottering around doing little things and making my home more and more of a sacred space and temple to live in and reflect my inner spirit. When I’m not being witchy, that is 😉