The Cuckoo’s Nest

Silky, seductive amnesiac silhouette
I query the oracular waters of myself and me: Who in Jezebel’s name are we?
The floodgates of prudence are rendered sunder and with them hath come the ardour of a bygone age
Asherah, the sacred mother of whores, gazes at me fondly from the altar of nuptial consummation
Urging gnosis, urging initiation into nature’s venereal enigma

Mountainous breasts perch naked in all their earthy glory
With twin peaks firmly erect in their idolatrous high places, embellished in offerings of enticing jewels
I splay my thighs open wide, and lay bare the gold mine of my wombic soul until she sees the puckering cavernous cherry
Taste the primordial starlight, my darling, lap up the spiked nectar which sweetly drips for you, in his name
Ecstaticise me as I suffer, breathily, and whimper, “Daddy”
And there is nought but combustion and convulsive fury in the wake of a little death

Pandoric nympholepsy and semen smeared conquest
For this moment we are coalesced in salacity, my desperation compelling me to throw away self identification for his admiration, his adulation
And this I am already become
His nothing, and his everything

And an erotic goddess emerges from some phrenic nebular corner
Watch me Daddy as I am consumed by the Succubi in three, two, one:
Can you see?
My vulnerability is yours, your objectification my necessitous alibi
Use me, overcome me, have me worship at your feet in this sapphic frenzy
That you would know, I am your soul-slave, completely
And you are whom I live to exalt:
My carnal, exquisite King.

Where is the Princess?

She takes cover
Her face veiled by shadow
She laments betrayal
Through endless persecution

Let me sweep your widow’s weeds aside
Let me see the moonshine glimmering beneath your bitter eyes
Let me once again summon integrity
Destiny, for us.

Glory be, she rouses subtly when I evoke her name
Glory be, she no longer drowns in distress when I enter her space
She squints at the startling beam of light, unaccustomed
My fingers gently brush her terror-struck guise aside
She glimpses hope, she spies a tower of gay delight
Which once only belonged in dreams of her fiery pride

Oh holy abundance, indulgence
Tortured, maddening, frenzied co-dependence
Nephilimic fury
Warrior-like necessity
You kept me shielded against the elements

“You know I know”, love
Serendipitous renaissance
Regal metempsychosis
Welcome return, exalted one
My Queen, my blood, my precious.

Avow Me; Yours

Aching limbs and heavy bones
Silent inflammation from bygone burdens which incessantly wear me down;
Yet I shall never give in
Though the anguish, though the affliction endures and will remain throughout the ages
I will contain my strength within
Through whatever hurdles life throws my way

And maybe we were kin in some other aeon
Maybe you were my fortress when that projectile tore apart every limb from my body
And the adulation I feel so deeply for you is my way of reciprocating that redemption
That recognition which survives in our souls and wanes not

Did you know? I am unsettled in my stride
My footsteps pace hesitantly forward, yet trusting lambency resides at the end of this underground
I say, you are remarkable in a way I cannot fathom
Discourse cannot always articulate but childlike reenactments can transform
And illuminate virulent tenebrosity

Let me tenderly repatriate the serrated shards that adorn your shell
That I may find my own sheltered asylum deep within
And feel finally like I belong
With you

Come soar amongst the heavens, with eagle-like urgency
Come find me, that I may be yours
That my skin may know the scintillating brush of your fingertips
That your eyes would penetrate me
And undo me utterly in only a way you would know
That our flesh would sublimate into the quintessence of each other
That we would lose ourselves in this ubiquitous truth

I wish to express so bad that I am in love with you
And I know it’s madness, so swiftly, so suddenly
But I know it with the certitude that the earth revolves around the sun
Like your brilliant sun which is fulfilled by my capricious moon
May we then commence on our orbits
And be steadied in the wonder of this Saturnian infinitude

Encapsulate me, covet me, voraciously
And consummate me as black holes are swallowed whole by supernovae
That vein of reverence within my fourth finger courses with some yet amorphous resonance
And my arteries balloon into my waiting myocardium, swelling with anticipation
Waiting for this fated conception

Avow me,
Let me be yours.

Lusus Naturae

Blood, I crave it
Spiked tektite philtre
Bouquet of the gods
They displace me
Recrudesce vitality
Without sin

Black moon monarchs
Leannán sí compeer
Maiden fire sorcery
Profane fortitude
Ancient beliefs
Tasting kin

Mycorrhizal Network

I am a pit of sunshine
Burrowed within your roots
I am an atmospheric river
Absorbing rainfall within your leaves
Bloom, flower in me, release and believe
I am the lichen to your mycelium
Ecstatic underworld connection,
Morbid substantiallity
I am your photosynthesis
Won’t you be my dextrose?
Yes arise sir knight,
Instantiate this inception.

I am the Phantom Queen

Longing, listless, lifeless
Vital impetus drains itself out my fucking chest again
Covered in slime of sorrow and solicitous sickness
I crave the four thieving accomplices of oxymel ichor;
Necromantic maledictions which should not be performed with cadavers after gloom

These thoughts thunder through my proclivities
Assaulting my awareness with their raw ferocity
Twin blades, laceration, haemorrhage
I will make you bleed – sticky, mulled, carmine liquor
On my crusade to find puissance beneath your cum stained sheets

Thanateros the primeval farrago of fate
Choke it down, choke on it, as I thrust it down your fucking lungs
Sacrifice this penitentiary of your inception unto me, love
As I devastate your soul and amalgamate it within myself anew

Object, object, I object
Objection! Your dishonourable disgrace
Who is this me who objects agin objectivity?
Who is vehemently violated as a voracious vampire?
Iron spikes and fetters and poniards and stakes
Charge through this chamber, in the oubliette of our fucking minds
Grating bareback emotions within the delicate folds of our blistering carnality

I want to seize you, bewitch you, dominate your entirety
And I will take it, I will take what is mine with fire and blood, I will take you
And sear my name on your ravaged skin
Cruciatus and cauterise my frenzy within you
Until there is no you that remains
Only me, only mine.



I am breathless, reposed
Pores agape, thighs splayed wide
Bottom cheeks flushed aubergine and wine
Honeypot dripping ambrosia
Fabric rent out of sight

And soulish arousal surges my midnight eyes, the Stygian dam blown aside
Flooding my inflamed face, dripping with rhapsody into my coveting mouth
Eruption of animalistic necessity
Peaking endlessly into your cloud nine

Demand my sensibility as you will
Break down my slavish vulnerabilities into rapturous illumination
Break me down, shatter me
That you may replenish me with your firm indulgence
And milky seed left stained throughout my entirety
So all that remains is your essence

My naked skin glistens
Entranced with perspiration, yours
In this cabalistic grove we coalesce, consummate
In cannibalistic sanctity we are possessed, one of the other
Equanimity through midsummer madness, together

Be my bridegroom, my master, my god
That my spirit may be awash with your beatific carnality
“Man said, “this is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh;
She shall be called ‘Woman,’ for she was taken out of Man”
I engorge myself on the succulent fruit of first sin, forbidden knowledge
That I may be reborn prurient, as your daughter.


Wet, wet eyes, wet kitten
Triggered in sentimental reaction
Photochemicals firing in response to delicate repression, regression

Rejection, it pursues me
Honed deep within as a calcified babe
Bang! The empty casing falls to the floor
And my heart drops through the marbled tiles with it

I’m fallen, it’s true
Kicked out the opalescent gates of paradise
I don’t belong, who am I deceiving?

Hades is my Father,
His deathly silence and ghastly peace in the parched shrubbery
And the river of oblivion consuming all whom stumble by

I’m entombed within deprivation
Within the shadows of crinkly autumn leaves which fell with me
Enclosed in hopes and dreams
And promises which I know not whether they’ll be

I remember when I met the raven with a broken wing,
Long black hair and forlorn oriental eyes
I wanted to nurse him in my arms and stitch his wound as my own
But I was too preoccupied with my own deformity

And like that deformity I am wasted on recovery
Always in sight but always out of reach
Taunting me, cruelly
How do I deserve amnesty
When I am but a carcass drained by the earth-worms beneath me?

May I find Grace
Wherever She is
That I may be worthy to devour the scraps from her dining table
And find absolution.

Felo De Se

I muse among the maze of my life, only able to ever check behind, but never ahead.

And besides me is a force that taunts, a non-corporeal torment. Ephemeral reminder of my own fragility.

And mirrors surround me. All I see is my own pitiful state. My eyes are sunken, my skin pale. I am in a chronic state of exhaustion and sickness.

Above there is a luminosity but it is so far unreachable. I can only stare and pretend it has meaning, when it has none for my reality.

And the creature besides me covered in wispy thorns, bleeding ichor from his own afflictions and living in perpetual self-torment, he is the tarnished silver glaring back at me. He is my rage.

There is no way to flee such dread, and I have only the ability to make choice based on luck. And fate makes it appear that I never choose the right one.

This ugly apparition in front of me, whom is me, opens his mouth and a silent screech emerges, the sound lost in an agonising inability to express.

Starlight above, why torment me further with reverie and stupor for something that will never be? Stop with your deceptions and fleeting fancies. I am not of you.

I am lone and frigid, on this journey with none but my own distress.

I am sorry, just leave me to curl up beneath the endless bushes and make a nest of morbidity for myself here. I shall eat the dirt and insects and survive from the sap of toxic browned ferns which surround me.

Calcify me, until I am entombed within eternity. This will be my escape, my legacy.

And one day when the tectonic plates have shifted yet again and the sea swallows up the land, I will be washed ashore to some foreign place and be worshipped as one of old, fallen from grace.

And so I will continue on in the impressions of all, not as any real thing living, but something which woefully passed away.