A Self-Cleansing & Self-Charging Triple Layered Home Ward

Things you need
1. Indoor potted plants
2. Crystals:
– One large centre stone of choice
– Four quarter stones of choice
– Multiple small double-terminated clear quartz points
3. Bodily fluids of choice
4. Your index finger or wand/athame for directing energy

1. Place plant pots around the perimeter of your home, usually the windowsills
2. Place one large centre stone on your altar, place four quarter stones in each corner of the home, and place the smaller quartz within each plant pot
3. Anoint each stone with bodily fluid of choice (urine is naturally protective, you can also use blood. For ease saliva can be used)
4. Using your index finger or other tool that directs energy, point to the centre stone and visualise it linking up with each stone separately
5. Then starting from the northern quarter stone, draw a link between all the outer stones, going clockwise

How it works:
1. Potted plants are living energy, they are first line of defence for negative energies and will show signs of disease when they are taking on a lot, therefore they absorb the negative energies in your place and visibly show signs of attack. Plants also generate positive energy and actively clean the environment against anything already within the home.
2. By placing quartz crystals, which are water-safe, within the plant pots, they are automatically recharged by three things: The sunlight entering through the window, the waterings you give the plant, and the grounding presence of the plant itself. The stones create a bond with the plant, strengthening each other. This in turn cleanses and strengthens the entire grid.
3. Meanwhile, the centre stone being placed on the altar will naturally recharge and be kept strong due to the energies there from general magickal and divine workings. Anything added to an altar has this effect, and reinforces each other. An altar is by nature a sacred space.
4. Using bodily fluids to anoint each stone announces to the spiritual world that this is your territory, and few will venture into it. This is exactly what animals do in the wild, and where this idea is taken from. Animals will use urine usually for this effect, which is why it’s a first choice, but any bodily fluid will also work.
5. The stones and plants are naturally self-cleansing and self-charging on their own, however if desired the bodily fluids must be reapplied every so often to keep that territorial statement going. Not much is needed, just a drop. Urine is sterile, unless you have a urine or kidney infection, or any other related medical condition.
6. Because of the self-cleansing effect the home does not need to be actively cleared such as with smudges, as the energies within it are already absorbed and transformed. Negative energy is like plant food: Captured, composted, and consumed.

Extra ideas:
1. Add a protective symbol or sigil of choice to the bottom of each plant pot. This can be carved in, painted on, or drawn on paper and stuck on.
2. Add an extra stone or protective symbol/sigil at any entryways to the home, this includes front doors and back doors.
3. If you have an air purifier of any kind, dehumidifier, humidifier, or any other similar device that effects the ambience, add the same protective symbol or sigil to it, and it will actively cleanse and charge the air.

Essential Oil Spray: How To

Items needed
1. Essential oils of choice
2. Polysorbate-20
3. Amber glass spray bottles
4. Water

1. Decide on purpose of spray and research and choose corresponding essential oils.
2. Add 10 to 25 drops of essential oils to amber glass spray bottle.
3. Add equal drops polysorbate-20 and shake gently to mix.
4. Fill up with water and shake gently again.
5. Replace spray top and done.

1. Choose organic essential oils which are steam distilled and produced by an eco-friendly company.
2. If possible use bottled spring water which has no chlorine or chloramine. Boiling tap water does not remove chloramine which is more common in mains systems these days than free form chlorine.
3. Polysorbate-20 is a cosmetic preservative and emulsifier; an emulsifier blends oil and water together. It’s not expensive, however there are other alternatives if desirable.
4. Glass bottles do not absorb essential oils like plastic and amber glass prevents degradation from daylight UV rays.

Egg Spell: Curse Reversal Chant

To be done when one suspects a curse. Add an egg to a cup of water and anoint with any oil whilst chanting this then place beside your bed for either seven or nine days. This is the chant I came up with myself to program this spell. It’s a traditional energy cleansing technique which uses the egg as a living-being replacement, a replacement for your own energy essentially. The egg absorbs the curse in your place.

“May this egg
Reverse bad energy
Neutralise harmful intent
And cancel out any curses
Aimed at me
Knowingly or unknowingly
So mote it be.”

Thirteen Herbs Banishing Ointment

Adapted from the Hoodoo thirteen herbs uncrossing bath rite and written here for reference.

Herbs used: Aniseed, Elderflower, Fennel Seed, Mugwort, Mullein Leaf, Nettle, Peppermint, Rosemary, Common Rue, Sage, Thyme, Valerian Root, Vervain.

Suggested amount: Two teaspoons of each herb.

Ratio of Herb to Oil: 1:3

Instructions: Simmer gently in oil of choice for up to an hour (suggested oils: olive, coconut, jojoba, feel free to mix), strain and melt in beeswax (optional) or other plant sourced wax then bottle and let cool.

Use only half a teaspoon to one teaspoon of wax.

Additional: Fill bottle/jar halfway with salt then pour lotion over the top.

How to use: Use in shower all over body as a salt scrub, use as a body lotion (in which case shea butter can be added), or apply to specific areas of body for protection/banishing/uncrossing.

Bless before use.

Ways to Cleanse Sacred Space

Incant: “Hekas, hekas, este bebeloi!” (“Far, oh far, be removed the profane!”)
Sound: Ring bells, sing or play positive music, clap your hands.
Smudge: Fan with incense or smudge bundles such as sage, mugwort, and turkey feathers.
Sweep: Use a broom made of oak/ash, birch, and willow.
Burn: Essential oils and anointed or scented candles.
Spray: Salt spray with sage essential oil and other crystals added.
Enliven: Decorate with plants, shells, flowers, crystals, and other things from nature.
Animals: Adopt a pet or familiar, cats are especially good. Dogs work too.
Ground: Channel earth energies into the space around.
Breath: Use air prana to blow away dead energies.

Basic Ritual Outline

Suggested items:
Salt Water
Anointing oil
Food offering

Basic ritual outline:
1. Grounding meditation
2. Energetic cleansing
3. Consecrating tools
4. Casting the circle
5. Calling the quarters
6. Carrying out ritual purpose
7. Thanking the quarters
8. Opening the circle
9. Grounding meditation

Ritual purpose ideas: