Important Personal Dates

23/03/2013 – Liberation from abusive parent #1
05/01/2014 – Spiritual awakening and Kundalini rising
10/02/2016 – Shamanic crisis and near death experience
10/04/2016 – First progressed solar sign change; Virgo to Libra
07/11/2016 – First Jupiter return, exact date
09/07/2017 – Beginning initiation into witchcraft
27/07/2018 – Dedication to the Goddess and Divine Feminine
21/12/2019 – Healing and rebirth of my Divine Masculine
21/02/2020 – Liberation from abusive parent #2
28/11/2020 – First progressed Lunar return, exact date (yet to come)
03/02/2023 – First Saturn return, exact date (yet to come)

28/11/2018: Aphrodite Vision

First vision:
We were in a field surrounding by nymphs eating a delicious vegan picnic and watching the beautiful sun set. This was experienced whilst sharing a devotional meal.

Second vision:
Aphrodite sent one of her doves to keep watch on me.

Third vision:
I was pulled into the garden of my heart. It was a small contained space yet very beautiful and filled with flowers. In the center was a dance floor. She said because I can’t dance in real life for her, I can dance here. So I did, and the night sky was purple and twinkling with stars.

After I was done dancing (she joined in), the dance floor faded and a statue representing Déa appeared in the center. I bowed down to give my respects and Déa spoke through the statue saying she is in the center of my heart and my life and that’s why I was seeing her represented there.

Aphrodite then pulled me away and said that she herself is the Love of Déa, and then that was the end of the vision.

26/11/2018: Medea Vision

We were walking along a forest path. She told me every part of it was holy and sacred, even to the smallest blade of grass.

At the end we reached a cliff. She asked me what I saw. I saw I saw clouds of darkness in the distance. She said those are the clouds that are suffocating me.

She said what do you when there’s clouds? You blow them away. So blow them away and let the Divine in. She explained that ritual cleansing was about stripping off the old worn garments of our soul and putting on the new garments of divinity.

She told me to let the breath of the divine flow through me, and I saw myself naked in the that moment. She encouraged me to accept myself, all my fat, and lumps, and cellulite, and scars, and even ethereal scars. They all make me beautiful. They make me unique.

I then saw that my appearance had changed. I had long wavy/curly naturally red hair. I don’t know what that means.

Then we sat down on the ground. We held hands and chanted Om for some reason. Then in front of us appeared Moses’ brazen snake staff which cured all the Israelites in the bible.

Medea told me to think of one wish, that I would like to see change in my health. She said think carefully, it’s very important. So I thought carefully and then said I would like to be rid of chronic fatigue and all it entails.

She told me to then touch the staff and give my wish to it. I did and the top opened up and a massive beam of light shot up and out into the sky.

The staff was stuck in the ground and the beam was continuous. I knew then (or Medea told me) that the beam would continue projecting this wish into ‘my world’ around which I was in during the vision, and alter things bit by bit until it was accomplished.

That was the end of the vision and Medea hailed me farewell and left.

25/10/2018: Notes from tonight #2

Dea revealed Herself to me as Kore, the Holy Daughter and World Soul. Kore was planted as a rose seed inside my heart, not yet blooming but ready to.

I grounded myself and had a vision that my soul-tree is Hawthorn. I am the May tree and the May Queen’s power flowers through me. Hawthorn dispels dark magick and is connected to the Earth’s heart chakra. Connecting with Hawthorn will connect me to Earth’s heart chakra.

Hecate gave me a warning that I have some invisible enemies who may try to thwart my progress again. She told me to be careful and stay on guard. She also appeared to me in a new aspect – This time as Eileithyia (Lucina), Goddess of light, healing, fate, and childbirth.

I honoured Gaia and she reminded me of our contract, but said that I have many years of lessons left and won’t act in a capacity as an official healer for a long time. She also gave me a vision of her own entrapment in matter due to the entrapment of humanity’s souls. She said until every last soul is liberated, neither shall she be. I felt great sorrow.

25/10/2018: Notes from tonight

Hekate is a beautiful young maiden
Hekate had an ecstatic cult in antiquity
Hekate said sex magick is powerful for manifesting
Hekate sex female sex magick is part of the blood mysteries
Hekate said the yoni is where all creative energy comes from
Hekate taught me the womb is sacred and to fiercely protect it
Hekate’s name is made of sacred syllables each with their own meanings and power
Hekate said she’s fond of me and thinks I have real potential
Hekate said in that vein I may make it past the initiate level

04/10/2018: Pleiades

I prayed to the Goddess Alcyone
She looked like an angel or white fairy with four wings, two pointing up and two down
She came through a portal that opened
She said she was guarding one of my soul pieces that I lost during my trauma
The soul piece was a mermaid???
I asked by the great goddess if she was telling the truth and it seemed she was
She then merged into the great goddess and was crowned with twelve stars
She said to listen to some Pleiadian activation videos to awaken

02/10/2018: Hekate Journey

Hekate is the goddess of journeying
She leads me into the dark places
She guides me on the unknown roads
Today she lead me into my shadows
I thought they were demons but they were my own fears manifesting, plaguing me
I walked through them, faced them, felt their terror… then Hekate became the three formed Goddess. She was Hekate, Persephone, and Demeter
We span in a circle and sang ring a ring a roses, and light kindled within
And I cupped the candle that was burning beside me
And the light became established in that place
And the shadows dissolved.

21/09/2018: Notes

For those that follow me and receive updates for all my posts, I’ve decided to add a new part to my site titled ‘my log’ where I’ll be posting a back log of my personal notes from my phone. It’s a thing of vulnerability on my part, but also a permanent record of my journey and how far I’ve come.

The new future notes I make that I will post to this new section will also be backlogged. That is for various reasons, but be aware of that.

So now if you’re inundated with a mass of notifications for new posts, you’ll know why.


On Gaia:
Gaia is the great goddess
She’s been trying to get my attention
She speaks through other goddesses
She’s the grandmother of gods and men
She wants me to help restore balance
She will teach me to serve her
She wants me as her priestess and healer
I’m reborn as her child
She was a seed planted in my heart
Now she is a large tree inside me
She is the source of all life
I’m lacking life so her life will heal me
She is working with Hecate
She charges me to be pure in heart
She gives me her blessing

On Hecate:
My Hecate appears as Kleidouchous
Hekate will teach me to retrieve souls
Hekate will go before and after me
Hekate has given me the underworld key
Hekate primarily serves others
Hekate is with me in the form of a crow
The crow is my lookout and messenger
Crow feathers are her tool for me
Crow feathers are possibly the key

My Contract with Gaia

Dear Gaia

I have thought on your offer to join your order to help heal the earth and collective consciousness and lock away the demons and evil spirits in Tarturus so they receive just and proper punishment for their crimes.

I have decided that before I commit to this purpose in your name I would like to propose a contract or exchange in services. That for my service and commitment to the order I would first request my own physical, mental, and spiritual imbalances be healed completely with your help.

For I believe that first before healing others I should first be healed in myself, and that I am not. I have many ailments that afflict me and I propose a training period where your teachings and power will not only be my cure but also my preparation for admittance into the order as a healer proper.

The ailments especially that I wish to address are the extreme fatigue that plagues my body, as well the anxiety that causes constant obsessive compulsive thoughts. I would like my physical vitality back as well as the return of my innate power and confidence.

If you can first work with me on this then I formally promise to you Gaia that I will then join as a member of your order and do your work in this world to the best of my ability in this life. I will be a healer to the sick as a sickened person who had found healing.

I hope this offer finds you well and that your response is favourable and accepting.

Thank you