My Wheel of the Year

February 1st – Imbolc: Peak of seasonal winter
February 14th – Juno Februata also known as Valentine’s Day
February 19th – My tropical ‘moon-day’

March 8th – International Women’s Day
March 21st – Ostara: Vernal equinox, and astrological new year

April 22nd – International Mother Earth Day

May 1st – Beltane or May Day: Peak of seasonal spring
May 4th – ‘May the Force’ be with you, international Star Wars day

June – International Pride Month
June 13th – BTS anniversary
June 21st – Litha: Summer solstice

July 1st – Lammas: Peak of seasonal summer

August 31st – My ‘sun-day’ or birthday

September 21st – Mabon: Autumnal equinox

October 8th – International Lesbian Visibility Day

November 1st – Samhain: Peak of seasonal autumn
November 2nd – Day of the Dead

December 20st – Beginning of Yule, the Winter solstice
December 25th – Peak of Yule also known as Christmas
December 31st – End of Yule, and end of the calendar year

To be updated and amended with time.

Lammas’ Message For Me

Animal Magick Card Reveal

Mangrove Seed & Barnacles
“Mangroves prevent erosion, provide protection, and can filter out salt water. Their seeds can float for a year before finding the perfect place to set roots. They stand between land and sea. Duality, balance.”

Turtle Spirit
“Slow and steady wins the race. Turtle reminds you to just put one foot in front of the other and trust in your powers to manifest your intentions in perfect timing. Don’t rush around trying to force matters. Move slowly and take time to stay aligned with your intuition. Contemplate the road you’re on. Doing what you need to one small step at a time and stay aware. These are still crucial practices when moving toward your goal. Be patient. Focus on the now. Let the next step appear from the fog organically. Don’t push too hard or leave others in the dust. Feel water energy surround you and move forward with determination but steadiness. You have a strong shell, you are protected. No need to go fast. Do without doing and everything will get done. Simply be. The journey ahead of you is long but enjoy the view as you forge ahead.”

Celtic Tarot Card Spread

The Situation: Two of Coins
Juggling and balancing priorities: One coin is my daily life and the second coin in my spiritual life – Harmonising the two.

Help/Hindrances: Three of Cups
The Triple Goddess is with me, within me, I have integrated the Divine Feminine which is my guiding aid.

Subconscious Influence: Queen of Wands
An aspect of myself or alter that is pushing me to be better, pushing me to become my higher self by facing my shadows and transforming them into self-empowerment.

The Past: Six of Swords
I’m a refugee, having travelled and moved from a bad environment to a new better one. I went through a period of transition and life altering change.

My Goal: Three of Wands
To keep moving forward with the experience I have now to overcome any further challenges ahead of me, to have a clear vision and plan of attack for the future.

Possible Near Future: Queen of Coins Reversed & The Empress Reversed
Two cards that fell out when asking this question. First card speaks of focusing on my own finances and working to become independent through self-employment. Second card expands upon that by expressing this will be achieved through allowing my creativity and personal passions guide me, those things which are inevitably connected to focusing on my own healing through connecting to the natural world.

How I Affect the Situation: Eight of Wands
Quickening and movement after a period of struggle and being blocked. Enthusiastic energy and finally making strides towards my desires. Letting my passions propel me forward.

Effects of Others/The Environment: The Hierophant
Still in the right place for this stage of my journey, still the initiate, still learning, still being the student of my circumstances.

Advice: Ace of Wands
Follow my joy!

Possible Final Outcome: Death
Dying completely to my old self, becoming a new person in a new ‘reality’. Self-actualising.

My Interpretation

This shouts spiritual career to me, all of it, as it’s been on my mind for so many years. And in alignment with the message of Lammas, the message of harvest, the message here for me is that right now I’m beginning to reap the rewards of all the hard work I put in previously and now the real work can begin. And yet I am still not ‘fully ripened’, there are two more harvests and then a winter to go through, before the beginning of the new year. My life has always synced up perfectly with nature’s seasons and this will be no different. So I will take my time with this newly freed up energy, finding my foundation before I’m finally ready to begin what I was born to do.

The Purpose Behind Coronavirus: A Mini Tarot Reading

What is the purpose of this coronavirus situation?

Seven of Wands: Upheaval, conflict, defence against a common enemy, fighting for security and stability, coming out on top of struggle and crisis, finding unity and solidarity through standing up for our world and all inhabitants therein.

What is the influence of the demiurge in this?

Eight of Cups:  Dissatisfaction with the status quo, giving up on the failing old world order, things can’t go on the way they have been, leaving a mess for others to clear up behind them, dormancy and lack of continuing influence, losing power and authority, a disappearance of discordant energies causing collective re-balancing.

Are we entering a new age on this planet?

Five of Pentacles: We will be seeing the extent of corruption of power within the church-state, class divide will be highlighted causing a global shift in the distribution of wealth, things may get worse before they better, inequality of the human condition will be faced, a global dark night of the soul on the journey towards collective healing.

What will be the outcome of this situation?

The Magician: Magick aka “the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will”, the power of the common people to pull together to create desired and needed change in the world, finding unity and evolving towards higher consciousness, creating a more stable and harmonious economical system on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

What do we need to know above all about this? What is the core theme?

The World: Huge irreversible change on a global level, transformation and evolution of the human species, the transition from one age to another, the end of an era and the dawn of a new one, graduating from one stage of human consciousness to the next.

My Tropical Placements: Signs, Houses (Whole, 1st = Aries) & Declinations


Sun Virgo 08° 01′ 6th House 08° 33′ N
Moon Pisces 00° 25′ 12th House 06° 40′ S


Mercury Virgo 10° 01′ 6th House 09° 21′ N
Venus Leo 04° 28′ 5th House 19° 03′ N
Earth Pisces 08° 01′ 12th House —
Mars Libra 12° 22′ 7th House 04° 33′ S

Jupiter Libra 15° 01′ 7th House 04° 53′ S
Saturn (R) Aquarius 26° 06′ 11th House 14° 15′ S
Uranus (R) Capricorn 18° 31′ 10th House 22° 37′ S
Neptune (R) Capricorn 18° 36′ 10th House 21° 29′ S


Ceres Taurus 06° 32′ 2nd House 02° 17′ N
Pallas (R) Pisces 00° 17′ 12th House 06° 54′ N
Juno Virgo 13° 26′ 6th House 05° 44′ N
Vesta (R) Pisces 04° 02′ 12th House 19° 15′ S
Chiron Leo 29° 33′ 5th House 06° 31′ N

Pluto Scorpio 22° 57′ 8th House 04° 49′ S
Eris (R) Aries 18° 06′ 1st House 08° 31′ S
Haumea Virgo 29° 50′ 6th House 22° 05′ N
Makemake Virgo 08° 33′ 6th House 34° 01′ N
Sedna Taurus 13° 06′ 2nd House 04° 33′ N


Ascendant Libra 27° 18′ 7th House 10° 31′ S
Midheaven Leo 05° 58′ 5th House 18° 46′ N
Descendent Aries 27° 18′ 1st House 10° 31′ N
Imum Coeli Aquarius 05° 58′ 4th House 18° 46′ S

North Node Sagittarius 07° 41′ 9th House 21° 35′ S
South Node Gemini 07° 41′ 3rd House 21° 35′ N
Black Moon Lilith Aries 05° 39′ 1st House 06° 25′ N
White moon Selene Capricorn 06° 21′ 10th House 23° 17′ S

Sun/Moon Midpoint Sagittarius 04° 13′ 9th House —
Vertex Taurus 27° 46′ 2nd House 19° 39′ N
Fortune Aries 19° 43′ 1st House 07° 42′ N
Spirit Taurus 04° 54′ 2nd House 13° 09′ N

13 Moons Tarot Spread for my Year Ahead

Year card – Six of Pentacles: Financial stability, giving and receiving, charity

Moon 1 – King of Cups: Emotional healing, integration of the divine masculine, the close of a chapter
Moon 2 – Ace of Swords: New ideas, plans and goals, promise for the future
Moon 3 – Ace of Pentacles: Manifestation opportunity, beginning goals towards physical stability and independence
Moon 4 – The Devil: Shadow work, learning what holds me back from manifestation
Moon 5 – Eight of Pentacles: Skill mastery, working hard towards goals
Moon 6 – Two of Pentacles: Being busy, juggling priorities, balancing responsibilities
Moon 7 – Justice: Moment of truth, make or break, being tested
Moon 8 – Five of Swords: Failure, defeat, wining the battle but losing the war, letting go
Moon 9 – The Tower: Bad luck, divine misfortune, sudden change, realisations and resulting rebirth
Moon 10 – Two of Cups: New significant relationship, emotional rebuilding and restrengthening
Moon 11 – Nine of Wands: Exhaustion, persistence, final challenge, self-transformation
Moon 12 – Page of Cups: New creative energy, following the heart, happy surprise, good luck
Moon 13 – The Fool: Beginning of a new journey and chapter, building upon the last

15/11/2019: Dream

I was with this group of people, just hanging out I think, but some of us started noticing changes in ourselves. We thought maybe it was something we ate during dinner together, kinda like the infected clam from the zombie series featuring Cameron Diaz.

So anyway those of us who were changing, we had red eyes and started seeing things that others couldn’t, we also started having powers like flying, telekinesis and eventually mind control over others. Whoever had developed these changes and powers separated into a new group. I had developed them too but I was late in joining the new group because I was exploring.

When I eventually joined the new group I was a little bit outraged as they had used their powers to mind control slaves. However it seemed like a good system so I think I let it go a bit. In the meantime I noticed that whatever had happened to us/me made me act more on my desires without fear of consequence. So that turned out I was attracted to quite a few people and tried getting with them.

But in the end that meant I had sex with in the dream the woman who was my mum (she wasn’t actually my real life mum). I pleasured her and she said I was really good at it, which I was surprised and took as a compliment as I said it was my first time being with a woman, that surprised her too.

However halfway through when it was her turn to pleasure me she stopped and left. Something was wrong with her, and also apart from the fact I think one of the group found out what we had done and was unhappy about it… I can’t remember how I was gonna end that sentence. Anyway in the end it turned out she had bacterial meningitis (so random?) and I was worried she had passed it to me. In fact I was worried all our powers were because of this bacterium but some scientists came to start some lab testing and said they couldn’t be sure. We only knew that my ‘mum’ was positive for it and was gonna die soon. I saw symptoms in myself like a circular large rash at the back of my throat but was told if I had the bacteria it’d be dormant for years and wouldn’t start developing symptoms so that couldn’t be it.

That was the end of the dream. Definitely weird.

My List of Known Personalities by Role

Religious Alters A to Z

Auriel – Angel of healing, caregiver, female
Delphina – Oracle of Delphi, female
Elizabeth – Pleiadian queen, internal self helper, female
Estelle – Pleiadian caregiver, female
Gabrielle – Angel of healing, caregiver, mother to littles, female
Kern – Celtic horned god, male
Jesus – God of love, caregiver, male
Jezebel – Phoenician princess, demonised priestess, protector of many faces, redeemed, female
Loki – Norse god of trickery and deception, protector, male
Lucia – Being of light, internal self helper, female
Lucifer – God of light, system manager, male
Minerva – Goddess of wisdom, keeper of memories, female
Morgana – British fairy and enchantress, female
The ‘Monster’ – Core demon, persecutor, male
Naira – Elemental dragon, unknown role, female
Satan – Devil, protector, male
Shanti – Pleiadian healer, female

Sexual Alters A to Z

Angél – Sexually traumatised, gender unknown
Asmodeus – Devil of lust, alias for James, male
Delilah – Seductress, female
Demian – Twin to Djin, persecutor, male
Djin – Twin to Demian, persecutor, male
James – Incubus, saboteur, fallen guardian, male
Lilith – Succubus, gatekeeper of sexual energy, female
Nathaniel – Pleiadian, seductor, male
Philip – Possible childhood sexual abuser, introject, male
Spica – Sexual submissive, female
Veronica – Sexual submissive, masochistic, natural redhead, female


Fictives A to Z

Ben Kenobi – Star Wars, super-ego, self-conscience
Gandalf – Lord of the Rings, internal self helper
Light/Kira – Death Note, persecutor, dormant
Jungkook – BTS, soother, angel with wings
Kylo Ren – Star Wars, persona for James?
Rey Skywalker – Star Wars, protector

Others A to Z

Aiden – Trans man, gay, 20 years old
Alice – Spanish and English, anxiety holder, female
Almond – Protector, caregiver, female
Avari – Loving, boyish, male
Big H – Host, observer, female
David – Introject of abusive childhood father figure, male
Emilia – Spanish, unknown role, female
Isabel – Caregiver, guide, sister to host, twin to Jezebel, female
Jack – Caregiver, protector, baritone voice, male
Jasmine – Comforter, caregiver, female
Michelle – Protector, counsellor, 20 years old, female
Miriam – Disappears, blacks out, female
Rihanne – ‘Dead’, comatose, catatonic, blind, deaf, mute, female
Sharon – Introject of biological mother, female

Littles A to Z

Carly – Possible little, female
Little H – Regressed host, 5 years old, female
Little Izzy – Jezebel but young, female
Little James – James but young, innocent, male
Middle H – Socially anxious and shy teenager, female
Tiffany – Possible little, toddler, female

29/04/2019: Dream

Trying to build a universe, it fell apart first time, second time it succeeded, but there was a woman who kept trying to sabotage it “celia”. I also had two sisters with blonde hair just like her. In the end Celia said she was following orders from some man. She gave me a disposable phone with his number on it. I phoned him and he said he’s looking forward to meeting me, and he knew my father. He said he could give me refuge but I said whilst it sounded nice I wasn’t one to run away. He said same for him.

Then I was at a building where strange experiments were going on and a scientist said I had unique DNA. I don’t know if that’s relevant (we saw an experiment where a boy absorbed other boys by touching them).

Last thing is that I remember I had a pet lion. I was stroking him, he was so tame and awesome.

04/04/2019: Experience

Hecate: My clairvoyance is being hijacked. I was not channeling her that time. She said she would never go against my wishes. There are many ‘false Hecate’s’ out there. She helped me out with diverting the potential incoming disaster. She said I need to cloak myself with invisibility. Darkness is invisible to darkness, so shrouding myself in darkness is the best way to go. I need to figure out how to do that. Maybe some kind of shrouding stone.

I took a journey to meet my inner protector. First I met the white horse, with a knight riding it. He said his name was Robert but he looked like Edward. I was confused because I knew it wasn’t Edward. He told me Edwards’s image follows me as my own kind of projected thoughtform because it makes me feel safe. But that is a projection not the real him. But I saw his image following me when I went with Robert the Horse.

I ended up at a tree, it was the tree of knowledge of good and evil. He asked me to taste the fruit. I was hesitant but I did. It was bitter. Then he flew me to another part of the land (I don’t know where we were) and brought me to the tree of life. It was in fact a willow tree, aka the ‘tree of immortality”. He said this is my “life tree”. I noticed its top extended all the way into the heavens and saw its roots below ground extended all the way down too. The entire universe was hanging on the tree.

Robert then rode me up the tree, right into the heavens, until we were in space and the branch looked more like the rainbow bridge in the Thor movie. Then, completely unexpectedly, we ended up in the Pleiades system.

I was told something like “welcome to the world of Almathea”… not sure if I got that right but it sounded something like that. I was then told I was going to meet the Queen of that world. By this time I was confused. But I met her quite casually and we sat down to eat, she gave me a kind of honey soup saying it was the ambrosia of the gods. It was delicious.

I asked her who she was. She said she was my true protector. She also said she was both an inner aspect as well as an external one. She considered herself the guardian of the entire Pleiades as a species. She said she is part of me as a Pleiadian and it was good for me to finally meet her. She was very tall and long, her neck was very long and her head was shaped very long too, kinda like how the Egyptians used to make their heads. She was a glowing kind of purple but also had other colours. She was very calming and pretty. She said to call her Elizabeth.

She showed me to the window and I saw her world, it was entirely covered in what I can only call “green cities”… everything was natural, from nature, but the technology was beyond anything on earth. Everything was connected and in harmony. It was beautiful. She gave me a hug and put her hands on my shoulders, blessing me and downloading stuff into my brain to learn later on. It was then time for me to go so I found my way back down the rainbow bridge to the willow tree.

I thanked the willow tree but before I could go she moved a branch to caress me then to lift me up into one of her other branches. I saw a squirrel and was a bit dumbstruck when it asked me if I wanted an acorn. I replied no thanks and asked who it was. All I was told was “research squirrels, I am very important to your journey right now”, then the willow branch brought me back down and I followed my journey home as normal.

31/01/2019: Dream

On a ship
Crocodile was stealing different body parts to make a chimera that could live on the ship
It changed every person she took a piece from, left them without a brain, or (??? typo)
There was a king on top the ship with the gods
I went up there but was unwelcome and charged back down almost killed
I lost my passport and it was enchanted