The Four Royal Stars of Persia or Watchers of the Four Cardinal Directions


Persian: Tascheter
Greek: Eurus
Roman: Vulturnus
Italian: Alpena
Norse: Austri
Christian: Raphael

Constellation: Taurus
Ruling Planet: Venus
Direction: East
Season: Spring
Festival: Beltane
Element: Earth
Animal: Bull


Persian: Venant
Greek: Notus
Roman: Auster
Italian: Settrano
Norse: Sudri
Christian: Michael

Constellation: Leo
Ruling Planet: Sun
Direction: South
Season: Summer
Festival: Lammas
Element: Fire
Animal: Lion


Persian: Satevis
Greek: Zephyrus
Roman: Favonius
Italian: Meana
Norse: Vestri
Christian: Gabriel

Constellation: Scorpio
Ruling Planet: Mars
Direction: West
Season: Autumn
Festival: Samhain
Element: Water
Animal: Snake


Persian: Haftorang
Greek: Boreas
Roman: Aquilo
Italian: Tago
Norse: Nordri
Christian: Uriel

Constellation: Aquarius
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Direction: North
Season: Winter
Festival: Imbolc
Element: Air
Animal: Eagle

Lammas’ Message For Me

Animal Magick Card Reveal

Mangrove Seed & Barnacles
“Mangroves prevent erosion, provide protection, and can filter out salt water. Their seeds can float for a year before finding the perfect place to set roots. They stand between land and sea. Duality, balance.”

Turtle Spirit
“Slow and steady wins the race. Turtle reminds you to just put one foot in front of the other and trust in your powers to manifest your intentions in perfect timing. Don’t rush around trying to force matters. Move slowly and take time to stay aligned with your intuition. Contemplate the road you’re on. Doing what you need to one small step at a time and stay aware. These are still crucial practices when moving toward your goal. Be patient. Focus on the now. Let the next step appear from the fog organically. Don’t push too hard or leave others in the dust. Feel water energy surround you and move forward with determination but steadiness. You have a strong shell, you are protected. No need to go fast. Do without doing and everything will get done. Simply be. The journey ahead of you is long but enjoy the view as you forge ahead.”

Celtic Tarot Card Spread

The Situation: Two of Coins
Juggling and balancing priorities: One coin is my daily life and the second coin in my spiritual life – Harmonising the two.

Help/Hindrances: Three of Cups
The Triple Goddess is with me, within me, I have integrated the Divine Feminine which is my guiding aid.

Subconscious Influence: Queen of Wands
An aspect of myself or alter that is pushing me to be better, pushing me to become my higher self by facing my shadows and transforming them into self-empowerment.

The Past: Six of Swords
I’m a refugee, having travelled and moved from a bad environment to a new better one. I went through a period of transition and life altering change.

My Goal: Three of Wands
To keep moving forward with the experience I have now to overcome any further challenges ahead of me, to have a clear vision and plan of attack for the future.

Possible Near Future: Queen of Coins Reversed & The Empress Reversed
Two cards that fell out when asking this question. First card speaks of focusing on my own finances and working to become independent through self-employment. Second card expands upon that by expressing this will be achieved through allowing my creativity and personal passions guide me, those things which are inevitably connected to focusing on my own healing through connecting to the natural world.

How I Affect the Situation: Eight of Wands
Quickening and movement after a period of struggle and being blocked. Enthusiastic energy and finally making strides towards my desires. Letting my passions propel me forward.

Effects of Others/The Environment: The Hierophant
Still in the right place for this stage of my journey, still the initiate, still learning, still being the student of my circumstances.

Advice: Ace of Wands
Follow my joy!

Possible Final Outcome: Death
Dying completely to my old self, becoming a new person in a new ‘reality’. Self-actualising.

My Interpretation

This shouts spiritual career to me, all of it, as it’s been on my mind for so many years. And in alignment with the message of Lammas, the message of harvest, the message here for me is that right now I’m beginning to reap the rewards of all the hard work I put in previously and now the real work can begin. And yet I am still not ‘fully ripened’, there are two more harvests and then a winter to go through, before the beginning of the new year. My life has always synced up perfectly with nature’s seasons and this will be no different. So I will take my time with this newly freed up energy, finding my foundation before I’m finally ready to begin what I was born to do.

The Great Prayer to Ishtar, Adapted & Amended

I pray to you, Lady of ladies, Goddess of goddesses
Inanna, you are Queen of the inhabited world who guides humanity
Inanna, you are noble and greatest amongst the gods
You are the sovereign strong one whose names are exalted
You are the valiant luminary of Heaven and Earth
You wear the crown of domination and gather the entirety of the Cosmic Ordinances
Lady, resplendent and exalted over all gods are your great deeds
Lady, mighty one of the battlefields, you knock down mountains
Lady, commander of Earth and Heaven, you bring all judgements to their conclusion
Daises, shrines, cella, and temples are all attentive to you
Where is your name not heard?
Where are your ordinances not obeyed?
Where are your plans not implemented?
Where are your daises not raised?
Where are you not exalted?
Where are you not great?
You are elevated you amongst the great gods
Your dominion is great
Your rank outstanding
At the mention of your name Heaven and Earth shake
The gods tremble
And humanity praises your awesome name
Lady of Heaven and Earth, shepherdess of humanity
Lady of the temple, holy treasury of Heaven
Look at me, my Lady, and accept my supplication
Look faithfully upon me and listen to my prayer.

The Purpose Behind Coronavirus: A Mini Tarot Reading

What is the purpose of this coronavirus situation?

Seven of Wands: Upheaval, conflict, defence against a common enemy, fighting for security and stability, coming out on top of struggle and crisis, finding unity and solidarity through standing up for our world and all inhabitants therein.

What is the influence of the demiurge in this?

Eight of Cups:  Dissatisfaction with the status quo, giving up on the failing old world order, things can’t go on the way they have been, leaving a mess for others to clear up behind them, dormancy and lack of continuing influence, losing power and authority, a disappearance of discordant energies causing collective re-balancing.

Are we entering a new age on this planet?

Five of Pentacles: We will be seeing the extent of corruption of power within the church-state, class divide will be highlighted causing a global shift in the distribution of wealth, things may get worse before they better, inequality of the human condition will be faced, a global dark night of the soul on the journey towards collective healing.

What will be the outcome of this situation?

The Magician: Magick aka “the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will”, the power of the common people to pull together to create desired and needed change in the world, finding unity and evolving towards higher consciousness, creating a more stable and harmonious economical system on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

What do we need to know above all about this? What is the core theme?

The World: Huge irreversible change on a global level, transformation and evolution of the human species, the transition from one age to another, the end of an era and the dawn of a new one, graduating from one stage of human consciousness to the next.

My Tropical Placements: Signs, Houses (Whole, 1st = Aries) & Declinations


Sun Virgo 08° 01′ 6th House 08° 33′ N
Moon Pisces 00° 25′ 12th House 06° 40′ S


Mercury Virgo 10° 01′ 6th House 09° 21′ N
Venus Leo 04° 28′ 5th House 19° 03′ N
Earth Pisces 08° 01′ 12th House —
Mars Libra 12° 22′ 7th House 04° 33′ S

Jupiter Libra 15° 01′ 7th House 04° 53′ S
Saturn (R) Aquarius 26° 06′ 11th House 14° 15′ S
Uranus (R) Capricorn 18° 31′ 10th House 22° 37′ S
Neptune (R) Capricorn 18° 36′ 10th House 21° 29′ S


Ceres Taurus 06° 32′ 2nd House 02° 17′ N
Pallas (R) Pisces 00° 17′ 12th House 06° 54′ N
Juno Virgo 13° 26′ 6th House 05° 44′ N
Vesta (R) Pisces 04° 02′ 12th House 19° 15′ S
Chiron Leo 29° 33′ 5th House 06° 31′ N

Pluto Scorpio 22° 57′ 8th House 04° 49′ S
Eris (R) Aries 18° 06′ 1st House 08° 31′ S
Haumea Virgo 29° 50′ 6th House 22° 05′ N
Makemake Virgo 08° 33′ 6th House 34° 01′ N
Sedna Taurus 13° 06′ 2nd House 04° 33′ N


Ascendant Libra 27° 18′ 7th House 10° 31′ S
Midheaven Leo 05° 58′ 5th House 18° 46′ N
Descendent Aries 27° 18′ 1st House 10° 31′ N
Imum Coeli Aquarius 05° 58′ 4th House 18° 46′ S

North Node Sagittarius 07° 41′ 9th House 21° 35′ S
South Node Gemini 07° 41′ 3rd House 21° 35′ N
Black Moon Lilith Aries 05° 39′ 1st House 06° 25′ N
White moon Selene Capricorn 06° 21′ 10th House 23° 17′ S

Sun/Moon Midpoint Sagittarius 04° 13′ 9th House —
Vertex Taurus 27° 46′ 2nd House 19° 39′ N
Fortune Aries 19° 43′ 1st House 07° 42′ N
Spirit Taurus 04° 54′ 2nd House 13° 09′ N

The Litanies of Satan by Charles Baudelaire

O thou, of all the Angels loveliest and most learned,
To whom no praise is chanted and no incense burned,

Satan, have pity upon me in my deep distress!

O Prince of exile, god betrayed by foulest wrong,
Thou that in vain art vanquished, rising up more strong,

Satan, have pity upon me in my deep distress!

O thou who knowest all, each weak and shameful thing,
Kind minister to man in anguish, mighty king,

Satan, have pity upon me in my deep distress!

Thou that dost teach the leper, the pariah we despise,
To love like other men, and taste sweet Paradise,

Satan, have pity upon me in my deep distress!

O thou, that in the womb of Death, thy fecund mate,
Engenderest Hope, with her sweet eyes and her mad gait,

Satan, have pity upon me in my deep distress!

Thou who upon the scaffold dost give that calm and proud
Demeanor to the felon, which condemns the crowd,

Satan, have pity upon me in my deep distress!

Thou that hast seen in darkness and canst bring to light
The gems a jealous God has hidden from our sight,

Satan, have pity upon me in my deep distress!

Thou to whom all the secret arsenals are known
Where iron, where gold and silver, slumber, locked in stone,

Satan, have pity upon me in my deep distress!

Thou whose broad hand dost hide the precipice from him
Who, barefoot, in his sleep, walks on the building’s rim,

Satan, have pity upon me in my deep distress!

O thou who makest supple between the horses’ feet
The old bones of the drunkard fallen in the street,

Satan, have pity upon me in my deep distress!

Thou who best taught the frail and over-burdened mind
How easily saltpeter and sulphur are combined,

Satan, have pity upon me in my deep distress!

Thou that hast burned thy brand beyond all help secure,
Into the rich man’s brow, who tramples on the poor,

Satan, have pity upon me in my deep distress!

O thou, who makest gentle the eyes and hearts of whores
With kindness for the wretched, homage for rags and sores,

Satan, have pity upon me in my deep distress!

Staff of the exile, lamp of the inventor, last
Priest of the man about whose neck the rope is passed,

Satan, have pity upon me in my deep distress!

O thou, adopted father of those fatherless
Whom God from Eden thrust in terror and nakedness,

Satan, have pity upon me in my deep distress!

– The Litanies of Satan, Flowers of Evil, by Charles Baudelaire