The Jedi Trials of Knighthood

The following text is taken from Star Wars – The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force, by Daniel Wallace

1. The Trial of Skill

Demonstrates a Jedi’s competence with a lightsaber and the Force principles of Control.

Don’t be fooled into thinking the Trial of Skill as a physical challenge. Master Vaunk and the Council members will judge your performance based on a series of lightsaber tests, but in truth this Trial hinges on a Jedi’s ability to maintain self-discipline in the face of distraction.

Lightsaber combat is attached to the Trial of Skill as a matter of modern convenience, for every Jedi must demonstrate the ability to wield a blade. Yet lightsaber combat springs from the discipline of Control. Early in the history of the Order, the Trial of Skill took many forms, including acrobatics while balanced on the tip of a wooden staff and keeping a single pebble suspended while standing in the vortex of a howling Typhonese hailstorm.

3.68 The Trial of Skill is not a test of athleticism, but of Control.

Do not bother to anticipate what type of lightsaber challenge you will encounter during the Trial of Skill or which opponent you will face. The popular rumour among Padawans is that you must outlast the Jedi Battlemaster in a session that may span hours. This could be true, for aching fatigue provides exactly the kid of challenge to a Jedi’s focus that the Trial of Skill is meant to evaluate. Yet you may face multiple opponents at once; a succession of fresh opponents while you become increasingly exhausted; a duel with one Jedi while another manipulates your perceptions or shifts the floor tiles beneath your feet; or perhaps even a duel with a member of the Council, including our venerable Grand Master – a rare privilege indeed.

3.69 Through tangible holoprojections, Padawans might test their skills against a Sith Lord.

Such challenges are not meant to be unfair. All are designed to mimic challenges you may one day face if you are to serve the Order and the Republic as a Jedi Knight.

The latest feature in the Jedi trials Chamber is a holographic projector, introduced after the victory at Ruusan and capable of creating enemies from the air itself. With this tool you might face Darth Ruin, Lord Kaan, or any of the worst monsters to ever rise from the dark side.

Exceptions: Padawans who have bested a battlemaster during sparring, or who have demonstrated blindfolded mastery of the saber training exercise Faalo’s Cadences, may be judged sufficiently advanced in this area that standard testing is redundant.

2. The Trial of Courage

Establishes a Jedi’s skill and fortitude in the face of danger and overwhelming odds.

Even if your talents lean more toward diplomacy than war, courage is an intrinsic part of being a Jedi. Though the Force is with us, we are small in number when compared to the people of the galaxy. We have numerous enemies, and must also contend with those who do not understand our Order and therefore misinterpret our motives. As Jedi, we can never relax our discipline – nor can we fail to confront evil. A Jedi who is afraid to confront injustice is no Jedi at all, which makes the Trial of Courage a revelatory test.

I cannot tell you what you will face in your Trial of Courage. Its purpose is for a Padawan to persist in the face of fear. If you know what the trial will consist of, then the true measure of your courage will not be tested.

3.70 The Trial of Courage measures a Padawan’s willingness to fight evil despite the fear it may instil.

In previous eras, a Padawan was considered to have passed the Trial of Courage if he or she demonstrated battlefield heroics such as standing up to a vastly powerful Sith Lord. Similar dispensations were handed out by the Council during the last war. But in such situations it was times difficult to sort out courage from recklessness. Overconfidence is a flaw, and rushing in unprepared can often make things worse. Courage must be aligned with the fourth precept of the Jedi Code: There is no chaos, there is harmony.

The war is over, but the Council may still assign special missions to Padawans who wish to pass the Trial of Courage. The mission could simply be a creation of the Council to test your reactions within the Jedi trials Chamber, or it could be deadly dangerous. Regardless of the nature of your challenge, it is important you do not share the details of your experience with your fellow Padawans. All must experience this Trial untainted.

Exceptions: A variety of special dispensations can be given for this trial, encompassing Padawans who have succeeded in a difficult mission or who have saved the lives of their Masters.

3. The Trial of the Flesh

Determines a Jedi’s capacity to overcome great pain.

For many Padawans, the Trial of the Flesh is the most difficult of the Knighthood trials. This ordeal will test your ability to overcome great pain, and it may be quite literal.

As a historian, I have studied the Trial of the Flesh in its incarnations throughout the millenia. During the Pius Dea era, the Jedi Order subjected Padawans to torments of cold, cuts, sonic shocks, and the application of sustained, low-powered blaster fire in the technique that the smugglers call “the Burning.” Now condemned as barbarism, this practice is best understood as a product of its time. It did, however, crystallise the Trial of the Flesh’s most fundamental principle: divorcing the self from the spirit.

During the most recent war against the Sith, the Council viewed battle as a living expression of the Trial of the Flesh. All Padawans who survived a war injury passed this Trial on the evidence of their scars. Padawans who had defeated a Sith Lord sometimes passed the Trials of the Flesh, Skill, and Courage simultaneously. Far from being a matter of political expediency, these battlefield trials have a long precedent in the Jedi Order. Padawans who lost a limb to cho mok or another Mark of Contact surrendered their flesh to demonstrate their commitment to the Jedi Order.

3.71 Physical pain is one type of test a Padawan may face in the Trial of the Flesh.

It is now a different time, and we do not expect Padawans to prove their worth through wounds. The Trials of the Flesh, in fact, is about more than physical agony. The pain of loss is part of your passage from Padawan to Knight, for you are giving up the closest bond you have ever known. As the partnership with your Master is formally dissolved, you may be overwhelmed by feelings of sadness or regret. This is part of your Trial of the Flesh. Think well on the first precept of the Jedi Code: There is no emotion, there is peace.

3.72 Emotional pain is another type of test one may face in the Trial of the Flesh.

Exceptions: Significant pain and loss is considered a worthy demonstration, such as Initiates who were recruited later in life and have experienced the pain and loss and quieted their feelings for the family of their birth.

4.The Trial of the Spirit

Tests a Jedi’s ability to vanquish inner battles and emerge unscathed.

Outsiders think that the Jedi exist to crusade against enemies – that we are mere counterbalances to the threat of the Sith. Only among our own ranks do we recognise that being a Jedi is an emotional commitment to a higher spirituality. This is the challenge represented by the Trial of Spirit, known among some as Facing the Mirror.

Jedi possess great power, and those who have fallen to the dark side have unleashed their power in waves of misery. The Trial of Spirit measures your temptations and whether you can put them aside in the service of a greater cause. Although this is just as much a battle as the Trial of Skill, during this challenge you might not flex a single muscle. The battlescape is in your mind, and victory is marked by a profound sense of peace.

It is impossible to describe the Trial of Spirit. I do not know the fears coiled in your heart. Not even Grand Master Fae would presume to dictate your challenges. The Trial of Spirit is to be carried out under deep meditation, with a Master who will nudge you onto the path that you least wish to tread.

Under meditation you may feel that you’ve been transported off Coruscant entirely. You may see the faces of colleagues who have long since passed into the Force. You will undoubtedly see things that disturb you, from enemies you have faced to the most horrific cacodemons in the Core’s nightmarish mythology.

Remember the third precept of the Jedi Code: There is no passion, there is serenity. Stay true to the discipline of self-control, and keep in mind that you are but an agent of the Force. Once you accept that grief, shame, revenge, and all other emotions that center on the self have no hold on you, you will emerge victorious. If you do not, you will merge broken and screaming. You should hope you do not fail the Trial of Spirit.

3.73 During the Trial of Spirit, Jedi must mentally face their deepest fears.

Exceptions: Padawans shown to have mastered their own dark side may be judged to have passed this trial. (During the war, this included followers of the Sith army who turned to the light.)

5. The Trial of Insight

Reveals a Jedi’s aptitude for distinguishing reality from illusion through deceptive challenges.

Can Jedi be deceived? Of course, but only if we ignore the will of the Force or the information in our Archives. A Jedi who is deceived is no longer working for the cause of the light side. In extreme cases, a Jedi operating under delusions may become a danger to innocents.

The Trial of Insight guards against this threat. It was the last test to be formalised as part of the Trials of Knighthood, and rose to prominence after it became clear that the Trials were producing Jedi who were brave, competent, and could overcome temptation – but who could not see through the patter of a simple con artist.

Deception and misdirection are threats to the Jedi, and our enemies frequently use them against us. The Hutts have been the ruin of countless Jedi campaigns throughout history, not due to their martial prowess but through their trickery. The Trial of Insight tests a Padawan’s ability to see through illusion and judge the person beneath, and to filter out distractions in search of the truth.

3.74 In order to gain insight, Jedi must be able to find truth amidst deceit and trickery.

Over the centuries many challenges have been employed to assess this ability in the Trial of Insight. These include locating a single grain of sand within a field of stones, determining the content and meaning of a fragmentary text from scattered pieces, and solving any of the High Riddles of Dwartii – and no, researching the riddles in the Archives beforehand is not permitted.

The Trial of Insight may occur at a moment when you are not prepared for it, and may in fact be part of an unrelated challenge. I am reminded of three Padawans undergoing the eighth hour of the Trial of Skill. Through a perceptual trick all were made to believe they faced a horde of angry warriors. One battled on in the face of certain defeat and passed her Trial of Courage. The second perceived the illusory nature of the combatants and passed his Trial of Insight. The third bowed out of the trial, citing exhaustion, and failed to become a Knight.

3.75 Insight may also be gained by seeing beyond what is physically in front of you, to what is real.

Exceptions: If a Padawan has demonstrated wisdom beyond his or her years and training, this may count as a pass – particularly if he or she divined a solution that avoided violence.

12/10/2020: Death

I walk down a dark corridor. At the end is a forest and Death is there waiting for me. There is an open coffin and he motions to get inside. I do.

He buries me with dirt and darkness. Everything disappears and there is only darkness and my floating in it. All the darkness is sucked inside me and I find myself somewhere that feels underground in a pitch black room, with a strange ghostly light from above only reflecting the ripples of my footsteps as I walk on what appears to be water.

Death is then on my right side. He motions to a red door in front of me. I ask what’s through there. “It’s your choice”, he replies. Every question I ask is repeated with this one answer: “It’s your choice”.

I open the door slowly and peek through. There are demons, devils, rooms upon rooms of torture chambers, dungeons. There are devils that are psychopaths, murderers, the worst of the worst in what I know is my own personal hell. There are stairs going down and I walk down past more and more floors of this depravity. There is an orgy going off to one side someplace… there is a cackling voice somewhere else as if a devil notices me and finds it hideously amusing. I walk through… untouched, nauseated… yet unafraid. I know my mind, even if this is the first time I’ve seen the basement as such.

At the bottom of the stairs is another corridor. I walk down it and under the floor is a little cell, barring in a young girl. She asks me to help her. I struggle to say yes, feeling like I just want to leave her there… in the end I cave in as if to say “what the hell” and get her out. An interesting conversation ensues:

Her: Thanks for saving me
Me: It’s okay, who hurt you?
Her: He’s gone now
Me: Why are they all gone?
Her: Did you notice when you walked through none of them demons bothered you?
Me: Yes
Her: Do you know why?
Me: Because I wasn’t afraid of them?
Her: Exactly. I was left because I wasn’t afraid of them anymore
Me: So why were you trapped in here?
Her: Because I got stuck

I notice Death appear at the end of the corridor again. I sense the girl is supposed to go to him. Suddenly she’s afraid now. I suggest we go to Death together, and we do.

Next moment we fall down and down and down… into another pitch black room that looks like…. a waiting room? There is kind of waiting room music and we go and sit on a waiting room couch which was brown leather. Next to us is another couch and a skeleton was sat there also waiting.

A door opens and a doctor steps out and calls us into her office. I ask why we’re there and where exactly are we. “This is ground zero, and phase one”, she explains as she does a medical checkup on the girl. “It looks like you’re healthy and cleared for phase two”. I ask her what phase two is. “Phase two is where those who find themselves here are sent hard to work on the next level up”. I feel hesitant but the girl seems eager to work, saying it’s better than where she came from at least.

I ask the doctor where this is all going and we get in an elevator and go up and up until we’re looking down upon all the levels. “This is how one ascends through the consciousness ladder when they transition from death once again to the living”. Someone comes to take the girl away to begin her work back down on the second floor and next thing I remember I am back in the first pitch black room with Death again.

Death tells me, “this has been your journey of going down, up till now. But now is your journey of going up. You are going up now, and I am here with you”. I sit with Death for a moment and know I know him. He hands me some sunglasses before I leave, telling me they may help me see clearer whilst blocking out the light if it becomes too bright for me.

Then he brings me back to my body because I’m tired.

I draw a tarot card and it’s the Ace of Wands. I drew a tarot card before the journey and it was the Knight of Cups.

01/10/2020: Harvest drawing down the moon

It took me a while to connect. Things were drifting in and out of my mind, images. I just meditated on mother moon with the goal to enjoy her presence. I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing, just that I felt to spend time focusing on her energy.

Suddenly a perspective shift happened. I was the moon. And I was sending my light to all the inhabitants of the world, humans and animals alike. But I was afraid and found myself unable, I was blocked.

After a moment’s hesitation I decided to send my light as the moon to myself sitting at my altar, sending it specifically to my fear. Like a huge laser beam, suddenly I was hit like a truck by blinding white light and the distinction between me and moon ceased. I was both moon and me. Double projection.

I keeled over with the intensity and struggled to breathe. A connection had been made on multiple, nae all levels and I was healing. I wrapped my darkness up in a bubble of light, a bubble of gentle love and protection, and a bubble of time. The message was – this energy fills me up today, but it will take time to integrate.

The moment faded and I was left trying to catch my breath and ground myself. Though the light of the moon had not just hit me but flowed completely through me grounding into the earth automatically. I had to become myself again, removing myself from the lunar perspective.

Back in my body and grounded I breathed the light of the moon from within my diaphragm into my tarot cards to bring them to life with my question – what is the theme for this experience?

I pull the Hierophant. The Hierophant is me. I sense to pull a supporting card – Temperance. I must develop the fruit of temperance further to embody fully the Hierophant. The Hierophant is always a reoccurring card in my readings. I never took it before to mean me – this is the first. The Hierophant is my ideal spiritual role. Then I sense to draw a third supporting card – The Devil. And so I see, in order to develop Temperance to embody the Hierophant, I must fully face The Devil within me, my own monster, my own shadow. This has been my focus the entire last month, especially this last week leading up to the full moon.

By facing my darkness I will become the light.

Throughout I see my spirit allies. They are ALWAYS around me! Every time I sit down for ritual they are always there, waiting, without word from me. I don’t know how they know. My spirit team is huge, I’m overwhelmed by just how many love and support me, and protect me. I know I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without them. There are my own alters, my own multidimensional selves, there are my spirit friends such as angels but most notably many nature spirits. Among the nature spirits include the greater elements such as the sun and the moon, the sea, the winds, the sky, the earth, and the four lords of the sky and earth. There are just SO many! I thank them all – Every time spent at my altar I can’t help but see them with me and I can’t help but thank them.

And that is the end of the rite. I leave my ritual glass filled with water at my window to be infused with lunar light, though just picking it up my hands tingle and I feel it already charged from when I channeled lunar light from myself as moon to myself at my altar.

The Deities of the Twelve Astrological Signs

“Pallas (Athena) watches over the Woolbearer (Aries);
Cytherea (Aphrodite) over Taurus;
Phoebus (Apollo) the shapely Gemini;
You, Cyllenius (Hermes), over Cancer;
And Jupiter (Zeus), you yourself rule Leo with the Mother of the Gods;
Virgo who bears ears of grain belongs to Ceres (Demeter);
And the forged scales to Vulcan (Hephaestus);
Quarrelsome Scorpio clings to Mars (Aries);
Diana (Artemis) cherishes the hunting man part horse (Sagittarius);
And Vesta (Hestia) the contracted stars of Capricorn;
Opposite Jupiter is Aquarius, the star of Juno (Hera);
And Neptune (Poseidon) acknowledges his own Pisces in the upper air.”

– The Astronomica, Manilius, 20 CE

22/09/2020: Autumnal Equinox

Instantly I feel my ancestors. All I have for harvest is the cannabis I grew myself. I bring my cannabis to the altar to thank the cannabis, the spirit of harvest, and as it happens my ancestors before me who grew this very plant, my Mayan forerunners.

I am transported to a scene, I am outside in Latin America, a few hundred years into the past. I am in a circle in the daylight celebrating the harvest with my tribe, there’s a feeling of joy and we’re dancing. I feel that I’m a nurse, the tribe nurse perhaps, and cannabis is one of my healing plants. Part of my role is not just to fix the health of people but also the health of the land around me. My goddess is Ixchel, she is my Patron. I see another scene where I am curing patients and I have female helpers around me.

The scene changes, and before me at my altar is a medicine man, in traditional Native American dress. He tells me he is my son, I believe for that lifetime I am re-experiencing. I hold a lot of respect for him however. He transforms into a Jaguar in front of me, and his paws are in my open hands, our heads touched together.

I am transported to another scene. I’m in a forest or jungle, the earth beneath my feet feels so real, and I realise I have paws. I am the Jaguar now. I am hunting a prey, a deer, but people come from the tribe also hunting the deer and scare me off. My rational self is confused. I start over. I feel so good being a Jaguar and play a little. Then I spot a rabbit and go into hunting mode. I stalk and pounce, killing it, then take it back to my nest where I have five Jaguar Cubs waiting for me, in the process of being weaned.

I am transported back to my altar. A farewell is said to the Jaguar medicine man still in front of me, paws in hands, head to head, this Nahual, this apparent son of mine. He leaves and leaves me with this mysterious lesson.

I thank the spirits, the spirit of harvest and plenty, the sun, moon, stars, wind, earth, and sea, and my ancestors once more.

I draw a tarot card for greater understanding and pull the page of swords. She is me.

I reconnect with the Goddess during this process, her feeling tells me, she is the Force, in my understanding, and never left me and never will. But ultimately she is me and I am her. I thank her too, and end my time at the altar.

16/09/2020: Bath Visions

1st. “I hate you!” Anakin’s voice comes through my own.

2nd. There’s a crown on my head, and I am a prince of hell.

3rd. I am transported to the earth version of my usual vision quests. There is the tree of life, in this form as a giant cannabis plant. At the top a bear is waiting for me.

We go inside a flower, inside a trichome. Inside a trichome is a portal, spinning like a flaming vortex (reminds me of the angel guarding the garden of Eden). The bear leads me down a dark tunnel through the vortex. We emerge on the other side to the same scene, only the sun is rising rather than setting as usual. He holds my hand and tells me the sun is me, I am rising.

I transform into the dragon and fly towards the sun. I am reminded for the second time during a vision of having done this before, back in the dinosaur age. I was a flying dinosaur, a ‘dragon’. I am snapped out of this vision in shock. This is clearly a past life memory.

4th. I sense MJ (cannabis spirit) by. I tell her I’m sorry for disrespecting her. I feel her presence strongly guiding me.

5th. There is an angel. She is my Auriel. First in my mind, then hovering above me in the bath. She tells me she is proud of me, I’ve come so far, am doing so well. I cry remembering the pain I felt of my mother. She hugs me.

Auriel says “you are me, you are more than just dragon, you are all, all you experience and encounter”.

I cry again with pain at the burden of knowing my self to be this large.

“What am I?” I ask. “I am not human”.

I come back to my body.

11/09/2020: Post-cannabis sleep paralysis

I have to get these down, it’s handy to have record of it.

I had a nap this morning after vaping enough cannabis last night just to get rid of my pain, I didn’t get high.

In the nap I woke up with sleep paralysis. And there was the usual post-cannabis sleep paralytic vertigo. But this time it was throughout my whole body, especially in certain spots like my stomach, my left hip, and the left side of my chest. This happened when something took hold of my consciousness and made me stop trying to wake myself up and instead just embrace what was going to happen.

I was in pain, that was for sure. Some of it was fear, though that was secondary. The vertigo though… it ceased to feel like a sensation and became more like a presence, a presence that was pressing into me, suffocating me. I suppose this is the classic sleep paralysis case at this point BUT-

Here’s the kicker. My body started to become physiologically aroused. Meaning, I was going to orgasm. And that’s when I knew this presence, this, well, incubus, who has harassed me many times sexually before not in a state of sleep paralysis. A name didn’t come in the moment but consciously my mind considers either James or Asmodeus. And the curious thing is now I think on it, I had asked him at some point in the last 12 hours why he’s so mean to me. I think that was before bed last night.

There is some sick thrill he has in ‘paralysing’ or in a sense killing his victims and getting sexually high off the pain it causes them. But, there is part of me that responds differently, masochistically even, though I suppose it’s all part of it. Channels that fear into pleasure. It probably feeds him more.

What I experienced with the vertigo hovering over those areas of my body whilst he was there, is that, well firstly, the vertigo was caused by him and the pressure on those areas of my body are wounds he’s inflicted. Take my stomach with my gastritis, in fact I was thinking about this falling asleep for my nap. The vertigo was strongest there. Then the left side of my chest, that is also a weak muscle caused by myofascial pain syndrome. As for my left hip, I think that was just because my hand was resting there. But my hips are weak due to osteopenia and the left side of my body too in general.

I had to write this down as soon after it happened. I know it’s a classic sleep paralysis case but considering I’ve had benign sleep paralysis thousands of times before, have psychoactive cannabis in my system, and also recognised the actual presence… it was all too relevant for me.

08/09/2020: Cannabis initiation

Last night I decided to do some energy healing which I haven’t done purposefully for a while. So I said the words “reiki reiki reiki” but since a little while ago when I tuned into spirit again myself and don’t need the reiki program anymore to activate the flow of healing energy I drifted off into all the various energies that started presenting themselves as is what’s happened since then. There was a rainbow energy, and another energy this time that I now forget. And then, the cannabis energy.

I sense the cannabis spirit permeating my house these days. She’s got some big yoni energy, lol. Anyway, yeah, she’s powerful, not just any plant, but a shamanic plant. In my vision, well, first I was channeling energy into my heart and then felt I needed to channel into my sacral at the same time. Then I felt like I needed a hand on my head too for related energy balancing. But of course I only have two hands. So I did the first thing that came to mind and created an extra energy arm and hand basically a third one for me to channel into my head. Then the energy was properly balancing between all three energy centres.

That’s when the cannabis spirit energy came through, channeling through all my three hands and realigning my energy body. I realised then the connection was strong as I was somewhat under the influence (not high, I’d just had half a weak canna cookie to ease some of my physical pain) and the cannabis plant was once again speaking to me as she had done before.

That was when suddenly a bunch of seemingly previously disparate things clicked together inside me and I had fully embodied and identified with the role of shaman in that moment. This was my initiation, from student to practitioner. The cannabis had just completed my education.

I don’t know what that makes her to me. Was that a passing influence on her part? Or will I be working with her in a much more shamanic capacity from now on?

She’s certainly wonderful.

05/09/2020: High Visions

Saw a star above my head, soul star chakra, felt like I was gonna get ejected but got distracted by noise outside.

Lots of sexual energy released… maybe my monster too. Imaginations of sex and violence were twisted together. Suddenly a large tall guy was standing a couple of meters away. He smirked and said “are you ready to take me back now” fully expecting me to say yes. Even stoned out of my mind, I said no. Him, everyone inside, were shocked. I told him to go away.

Confusion ensued. “Should I be saying yes to reconnect with myself? He’s probably an alter? Or no to keep boundaries enforced?”

I noticed an energy embedded deep within my own, parasitic, like a virus, hiding unknown. I cut it out with my fingers/dragon claws. I threw it into the earth then channelled the full-moon light into the wound for healing and protection. A swan turned up as a full-moon animal and I charged it with protecting the wound.

Still confused over that other guy I saw, I asked Lilith for help. Bad idea maybe? I couldn’t help but self-pleasure, feelings were overwhelming. But I was thrown back in the past with exes. I wanted to be disgusted with myself but being too high, I couldn’t find the energy or care.

A voice told me afterwards, “that’s all your grief you never expressed, all your pain, you keep it locked down, you know this”. I knew it wasn’t reflective of how I feel now.

That’s mostly all I remember, before being falling into sleep. Had an experience my astral body unfurled into draconic version.

Had intense dreams – About becoming and accepting myself as LGBT.

Oh! Had a vision or rather I was astrally on Mars. Can’t remember the timeline of when this happened, but I was connecting with the core of Mars like I do the core of Earth, and connecting to the earth element, but from Mars, not Earth. I saw space from Mars POV.

At the beginning of it all, I had a funky dream/imagination/vision I was dancing and self-pleasuring inside a trichome. It was the cannabis spirit enveloping me completely, my aura and own spirit.

Entities: Part 1


What are entities?
Why do they do what they do?
Why do I have entities?
How can I keep spiritually clean?
What has self-love got to do with it?
Strengthening your spiritual immune system
They keep bothering me so what next?
Spiritual protection and tying it all together
Prayer of intent to overcome entities
A note on grounding


If you have found yourself at this page, then likely you may be struggling with entity problems, whether they are minor or major. But fret not, because I have been through them too and after a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, have decided to dedicate an entire page as to what they are, why they appear, and how to combat them and remove their influence from your life.

I decided to write this page after getting a lot of contacts about entity problems and noticing how many more people struggled without anyone to turn to. As obscure as these problems seem to be to the collective consciousness, they are surprisingly and unfortunately common.

What are entities?

Entities that I refer to here are any negative kind of spiritual being that feed on the vital energy of the living, whether this be through physical possession, energetic attachment, fear tactics, emotional co-dependence, or any other means that cause inexplicable struggles in your life. These struggles can come in the form of bad luck, depression, fatigue, health problems, and more.

Entities themselves can come in many forms. I have seen all sorts and they are as varied as the number of species of animals on earth. They can include astral wildlife, thought-forms, lost souls (included in this are astral remnants, the confused dead – aka ghosts, and fractured soul pieces of the living), extraterrestrials, archons, demons, and devils.

Why do they do what they do?

Entities are usually some kind of spiritual being whether conscious or unconscious that cannot exist on its own vital energy or divine energy and instead have taken to feeding on others to keep themselves alive, so to speak. In the spiritual realms nothing can truly die, but if souls are not constantly fed with energy they will stagnate and enter a state of limbo.

Many entities have chosen to follow the path of service to self and as such are unable to connect to the Source of all natural energy which you could call God. They are blocked off from nourishment and so because they are unwilling to work on becoming more loving and integrated which would strengthen them, they realise the only other way of being fed is to feed on the energy of others.

In a way, because of this, all entities are somewhat unconscious, not in awareness, but in their divine nature because they are so disconnected. And whilst what they do is no excuse, you can understand they have entered a kind of cycle that is hard to break out of. All they can do to find comfort is to consciously or unconsciously torment others.

Why do I have entities?

First, you have likely not done anything wrong to have entities around you. I frequently liken entities to bacteria or viruses, they are everywhere and mostly they are harmless. But sometimes a nasty comes along and you develop an infection, and just like a real infection, your immune system is then rendered weak which can drain your energy and make you feel ill.

And like bacteria and viruses, you can be very spiritually clean but still have the misfortune of getting one. However, just like real bacteria and viruses, if you are not spiritually clean then this can increase your chances of ‘catching’ something. For this reason it’s common for newly awakened people to be vulnerable to them, as they are more spiritually active, but don’t know how to keep themselves clean.

However, this is not always the case. Sometimes it is just bad luck, sometimes it is ancestral or karmic, sometimes it is trauma, sometimes it may be something you even asked for without realising the consequences. It could be anything, the important thing to remember is that how you got them is not too relevant, the important thing is how to remove them once you’ve got them and how to keep them at bay.

How can I keep spiritually clean?

There are two important parts to keeping spiritually clean. The first is keeping your own energy clean, and the second is keeping your living space around you clean. It is no good doing one but not the other because then the effectiveness will be reduced. Now keep in mind by practising spiritual cleansing you will be setting a good foundation for removing the entities. This is because entities do not like clean space and are more likely to leave if they are already attached, or not bother attaching in the first place.

Spiritual cleansings can be done many ways. For living space, my favourite is to have living indoor plants which help absorb bad energies. I will also have haematite stones in each pot, and I recommend haematite as its iron content is very high which is traditionally effective for banishing and protecting against entities. However, any crystal you have an affinity for will work just as well. It is also important to do a regular energetic cleanse of your space using appropriate burnt or sprayed herbs and telling all entities to leave and that they are not welcome.

As for self-cleansing, this is where energy healing becomes important. Energy healing cleanses your energy and through this shifts negative emotions and mental programs that can attract entities. Basic energy healing includes taking herbal salt baths and channelling passive healing energy such as Reiki, whilst more advanced practices include actively removing energy blocks, cutting cords, cancelling soul contracts, repairing the aura, and much more.

What has self-love got to do with it?

Remember that entities are fundamentally disconnected from love which is almost like a repellent to entities. This means the more love you have the more protected you are. This includes both love to others and self-love. Love to others is a simple concept to grasp, so it will not be my focus here, just suffice to say it is important to develop. Rather, many people struggle with self-love, and this is where many entities can come through because it is a weakness they will happily exploit.

When you are under spiritual attack, it is very easy to forget basic self-care which comes under self-love. You can forget to eat, struggle to sleep, be too tired to shower, and withdraw from friends and activities, among other things. All these things will progressively weaken you, so it is extremely important to care of yourself in all the basic ways so that you are able to fend off attacks much more easily.

If possible, eat small, healthy, easily-digestible meals to feed your body with more vital energy, drink plenty of water, keep your physical body clean which also helps keep your energy clean, see a counsellor or therapist if you are struggling in any way and need someone to talk to or to give advice, and try to still spend time with people who love you, because that love will keep you strong. And if you cannot sleep due to all the fear-mongering, do not be afraid to try herbal sedatives or ask a doctor for sleeping medication. Entities can cause terrible insomnia which is intended to severely weaken the host. Anti-depressants either natural or pharmaceutical can also help to bring calm throughout the day and night.

Strengthening your spiritual immune system

When plagued with entities the first thing you want to do is get rid of them, perhaps see a healer or shaman to magically make them disappear. You make try all sorts and in the end realise they are still there. This is because you cannot remove something negative without having the strength to keep it gone, otherwise something else will replace it. In fact no one can remove it for you if you don’t have your own internal strength to remove it in the first place.

There is something I learned in Aryuvedic medicine which states in chronic health crisises we should not be focused on removing the illness from the body which will ultimately leave it even more weakened and depleted, but rather we should be focused on building it up and strengthening our immune system so that eventually it will have no chance but to leave. And this is what you want when it comes to entities. It will take time, yes, unfortunately there is no quick fix. But they will eventually leave.

The question then becomes how to strengthen yourself? This is where the previous chapter on love and self-love comes in. You strengthen your immune system through healthy living which includes all things already written about as well as regular exercise if possible. You focus on your body and mind and learn what they both need to do better. For the mind even just something as simple as regularly listening to positive affirmations on YouTube can help.

They keep bothering me so what next?

Now you have taken all these steps and you wonder why you are still being bothered? This is where learning to ignore them comes in mightily handy! Entities frequently send messages of fear, either through physical sensations in the body, threatening voices, scary visions, or by manipulating the people around you and the environments and situations you find yourself in.

In this way they are like bullies. You know how you are always told to ignore bullies and they get bored and go away? It might take some time but eventually that will happen. Learn to cut them out of your life, make small changes so that they can’t pester you. Do not pay attention to anything they say or do, pretend like it never happened. This is such an important part of dealing with them, because if you are spiritually clean and strong and then pay them no attention, they will lose interest and disappear.

If an infection has already taken hold then it can take a long time to happen, and once they start to wise up to your attempts to ignore their existence they may attack even harder to try and undo all the progress you have made. Do not be afraid, this is entirely normal and it can get worse before it gets better. You just have to remember to stick to your guns and do whatever you can to help yourself in this endeavour. Picking up hobbies as distractions is very helpful and not to mention healthy!

Spiritual protection and tying it all together

All these things I have written will go a long way into helping you protect yourself against entities and their attempts to ruin your life. Many of these steps are physically protective, but there is something also to be said for taking up spiritual defence such as creating energetic shields and wards on your person and around your space and things. Most people know about shielding, and it is usually a barrier placed around the body. Wards are like shields but for spaces and objects. Shields and wards can be created visually or through the use of energy modalities such as Reiki, the four elements, natural items such as herbs and crystals, and even amulets or talismans. The options are endless. Just remember to reinforce them from time to time to keep them effective.

If you believe in a higher power, you can also pray for continued strength, peace, and protection on your journey. True beings of light cannot really interfere or actively help as much as they can give advice and guidance, unless of course it is an emergency which they absolutely have to avert. So use this to your advantage and pray that they will put into your heart words of inspiration for how to effectively move forward or even inspire others to come around you to help in that same way.

Prayer of intent to overcome entities

You can say a prayer of your own or use this prayer I have come up with as a template to set the intent to start in the process of overcoming and defeating the influence of these entities in your life.

“I, [insert name], do state my intention to myself and to [insert higher power] to start to overcome negative entities that are attached to me and to become free of their influence. I state that my body and my space is mine and mine alone and that none are welcome that I have not invited. And if I may have inadvertently invited such entities into my life I now revoke your access and tell you to leave. I tell all negative entities around me that you are no longer welcome and your influence in my life is cancelled out. In the name of [insert higher power] I do command this. So mote it be.”

This can be said once as a statement of intent, or repeated throughout the process of banishing them from your life.

A note on grounding

Last but not least, I want to mention the importance of grounding. If you have noticed, many of the steps I have written about are naturally grounding activities. This is very important. The more in your body you are the less likely you are to be open to what some may call possession. If there is no space inside your body for anything else to enter because your consciousness is fully inside it then there is nothing that can cause problems. Usually entities will partially possess you with some of their energy as this is part of the attachment process, but if you are grounded there is less room for them to do that.

Considering all that, it is important to take some time out now and again to do a grounding meditation. The way to do this is easy, and I always recommend pulling energy downwards rather than upwards. Upward energy excites the body and can cause more ungroundedness, but pulling energy downward into the earth is naturally grounding and can be easily done wherever you are.


This concludes my article on entities and how to deal with them and remove their influence in your life. Remember this is a journey and there is not a quick fix, and be wary of any healer or shaman who can promise you a quick fix. A true healer or shaman will realise it takes time and will help you throughout that process with their sessions targeting layer by layer of the entity-onion, so to speak.

If you have read this article and still have questions or want to contact me for personal guidance then you can feel free to do so on the requests page where there is a contact form, or alternatively you can leave a comment below. I may amend this article as time goes on if I realise there are chapters I need to add or clarifications for future readers. Thank you for reading.