2021 My Year Ahead Lunar Spread

My Private Notes

Year card
Seven of discs
Hard work, realising the effort is worth it, focusing on my goals, dedication.
Connection with the earth, material realm, and practical matters. Building material safety and security.

First moon
Three of discs
Building foundations, structures that will aid my spirituality down the line. Day to day hard work. Putting the effort in. Karma yoga comes to mind. Doing chores and tasks that build me up. Creating my house of worship. (Re)Creating my inner mind palace as a sacred place. Focus on my Self.
The mundane of spirituality. Back to basics. Building myself up.

Second moon
Queen of discs
Greed, wealth, holding onto things, possession of material matters, hoarding. Perhaps having to learn to let go. Or perhaps realising my own security. Realising my wealth, realising how rich I am really. Learning to put people over objects.

Third moon
Page of cups
Quirky new enterprise, creative success, accomplishing new ideas… planning for possibilities. Emotionally-driven, elation. Possible romance, or flirtation with a new avenue of exploration. Dreaming, falling in love.

Fourth moon
Six of wands
Victory, success, crowning achievement, being seen, being heard, having others be proud of me and feeling proud of myself. Being commended on a job well done.

Fifth moon
Time to reevaluate, questioning my own choices, balancing my own inner life with outer life. Possible change in life circumstances due to coronavirus starting to pass… having to find a new normal. Looking back and asking if I’ve accomplished all the healing I wanted to during this time of reflection.

Sixth moon
Ace of wands
Something new. Mysterious, vague. Beginning of a new life. Spiritual healing. Renewed vigour for life. Excitement, boasting, healthy pride. Starting anew. Lofty ideas.

Annual solar eclipse
Queen of cups
Taking stock of my emotional situation. Holding the lessons closely in my heart. Owning the lessons, owning my emotions, owning my dreams. Knowing my dreams and seeing them tangibly. Vision and foresight of the future.

Seventh moon
Eight of wands
Unexpected circumstances, perhaps a traumatic experience, something frightening, something that causes me to freeze. No real harm will come to me. Something psychologically jarring, that feels like a threat.

Eighth moon
The hanged man
Seeing life from a new perspective. Being disconnected and detached from the world, going inside myself or seeing the outside world through a new internal lens. Spiritual illumination. Revelation and sudden enlightenment. Healing through paradigm shift. Possible sudden change in my life, causing me to rethink and reframe my understanding. 180 degree change. Leaving bad habits in the past, leaving the fear and trauma of the eight of wands in the past. Letting go.

Ninth moon
Page of wands
Contemplating the way ahead. Confident and moving forward gallantly, continuing my journey towards my destination and goal, my ‘fate’. Musing on how far I’ve come, but not looking back.

Tenth moon
Three of cups
Happiness, integration, good mental health, good circumstantial situation, everything is in harmony and flow. The goddess is with me. I am the living goddess.

Eleventh moon
The high priestess
Stepping into my soul role, embracing duality, moment of truth, initiation, coming full circle in wisdom. Wisdom, learned wisdom. Learned lessons. Balanced karma. End of a cycle. Beginning of a new cycle.
Wholeness of soul. Integration.

Twelfth moon
Ten of cups
Family, friends, family I’ve made for myself, happiness love and joy, emotional achievement… no longer alone. Found my soul tribe… loved and loving. Healed of loneliness.

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