09/11/2020: Myofascial trigger point therapy self help session

My Private Notes

I have located three main trigger point pairs in my body causing three main ‘conditions’ I was diagnosed with over the years:

1. The first I came across without knowing they were trigger points were from guided meditation in therapy and then my mechanical shiatsu massage I used on my neck. This pair is at the point the back of the neck meets the shoulder, and these primarily cause my diagnosis of chronic migraine.

2. The second I came across first through yin yoga then through intuitively prodding still before realising they were trigger points are the pair on the outer edge of my gluteus medius (possibly actually the piriformis, the two muscles are very close together). Massaging these with my fingers for a few seconds would instantly relieve my diagnosis of ‘sciatica’.

3. The third I have found now through trigger point therapy are a pair or should I say two pairs on my brow bone, one pair on the inner brow bone and one pair on the outer brow bone, and these are responsible primarily for my diagnosis of ‘idiopathic hypersomnia’ and secondarily for migraine.

I do not have any of these conditions. I have myofascial pain syndrome brought about by C-PTSD, as the trigger point therapy at home is working. I wonder if it’s worth bringing this up to my doctor.

Furthermore, when I press on the points but ESPECIALLY the left outer gluteus medius (or piriformis) trigger point, my alters are activated along with all their physical dysfunctions i.e. the referred ‘pain map’, except in this case the referred pain activation is emotional and psychological as well as physical. I will bring this up with my therapist. The most important of all these being the left outer gluteus medius/piriformis trigger point which activates completely Asmodeus, who is my persecutor/protector for sexual abuse experienced in my amnesiac past. This means, yes, I am reliving the experience during the pressing of this point. It is perhaps important to note as a link that often when I press these gluteus medius/piriformis trigger points it can also feel extremely orgasmic, as my sexual anxiety as a result of the abuse is instantly relieved. So it is not always a terrible experience.

I do not know how long it takes to permanently deactivate these trigger points, if indeed that’s possible. Perhaps that is written about later on in the book I’m currently studying.

I do know however with all this deep emotional work happening as a result, my rose quartz massage wand I’ve been using is not enough and I need to get myself an obsidian massage wand.

One could say these are also stagnant or blocked energy points and channeling reiki into them has also helped.

I believe this is entirely the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture summed up. The physical effect of the needles placed in the myofascial trigger points and the spiritual effect of energy channeled through the needles to unblock the corresponding subtle ‘chi’.

I am learning so much.

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