01/10/2020: Harvest drawing down the moon

My Private Notes

It took me a while to connect. Things were drifting in and out of my mind, images. I just meditated on mother moon with the goal to enjoy her presence. I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing, just that I felt to spend time focusing on her energy.

Suddenly a perspective shift happened. I was the moon. And I was sending my light to all the inhabitants of the world, humans and animals alike. But I was afraid and found myself unable, I was blocked.

After a moment’s hesitation I decided to send my light as the moon to myself sitting at my altar, sending it specifically to my fear. Like a huge laser beam, suddenly I was hit like a truck by blinding white light and the distinction between me and moon ceased. I was both moon and me. Double projection.

I keeled over with the intensity and struggled to breathe. A connection had been made on multiple, nae all levels and I was healing. I wrapped my darkness up in a bubble of light, a bubble of gentle love and protection, and a bubble of time. The message was – this energy fills me up today, but it will take time to integrate.

The moment faded and I was left trying to catch my breath and ground myself. Though the light of the moon had not just hit me but flowed completely through me grounding into the earth automatically. I had to become myself again, removing myself from the lunar perspective.

Back in my body and grounded I breathed the light of the moon from within my diaphragm into my tarot cards to bring them to life with my question – what is the theme for this experience?

I pull the Hierophant. The Hierophant is me. I sense to pull a supporting card – Temperance. I must develop the fruit of temperance further to embody fully the Hierophant. The Hierophant is always a reoccurring card in my readings. I never took it before to mean me – this is the first. The Hierophant is my ideal spiritual role. Then I sense to draw a third supporting card – The Devil. And so I see, in order to develop Temperance to embody the Hierophant, I must fully face The Devil within me, my own monster, my own shadow. This has been my focus the entire last month, especially this last week leading up to the full moon.

By facing my darkness I will become the light.

Throughout I see my spirit allies. They are ALWAYS around me! Every time I sit down for ritual they are always there, waiting, without word from me. I don’t know how they know. My spirit team is huge, I’m overwhelmed by just how many love and support me, and protect me. I know I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without them. There are my own alters, my own multidimensional selves, there are my spirit friends such as angels but most notably many nature spirits. Among the nature spirits include the greater elements such as the sun and the moon, the sea, the winds, the sky, the earth, and the four lords of the sky and earth. There are just SO many! I thank them all – Every time spent at my altar I can’t help but see them with me and I can’t help but thank them.

And that is the end of the rite. I leave my ritual glass filled with water at my window to be infused with lunar light, though just picking it up my hands tingle and I feel it already charged from when I channeled lunar light from myself as moon to myself at my altar.

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