16/09/2020: Bath Visions

My Private Notes

1st. “I hate you!” Anakin’s voice comes through my own.

2nd. There’s a crown on my head, and I am a prince of hell.

3rd. I am transported to the earth version of my usual vision quests. There is the tree of life, in this form as a giant cannabis plant. At the top a bear is waiting for me.

We go inside a flower, inside a trichome. Inside a trichome is a portal, spinning like a flaming vortex (reminds me of the angel guarding the garden of Eden). The bear leads me down a dark tunnel through the vortex. We emerge on the other side to the same scene, only the sun is rising rather than setting as usual. He holds my hand and tells me the sun is me, I am rising.

I transform into the dragon and fly towards the sun. I am reminded for the second time during a vision of having done this before, back in the dinosaur age. I was a flying dinosaur, a ‘dragon’. I am snapped out of this vision in shock. This is clearly a past life memory.

4th. I sense MJ (cannabis spirit) by. I tell her I’m sorry for disrespecting her. I feel her presence strongly guiding me.

5th. There is an angel. She is my Auriel. First in my mind, then hovering above me in the bath. She tells me she is proud of me, I’ve come so far, am doing so well. I cry remembering the pain I felt of my mother. She hugs me.

Auriel says “you are me, you are more than just dragon, you are all, all you experience and encounter”.

I cry again with pain at the burden of knowing my self to be this large.

“What am I?” I ask. “I am not human”.

I come back to my body.

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