Last night I decided to do some energy healing which I haven’t done purposefully for a while. So I said the words “reiki reiki reiki” but since a little while ago when I tuned into spirit again myself and don’t need the reiki program anymore to activate the flow of healing energy I drifted off into all the various energies that started presenting themselves as is what’s happened since then. There was a rainbow energy, and another energy this time that I now forget. And then, the cannabis energy.

I sense the cannabis spirit permeating my house these days. She’s got some big yoni energy, lol. Anyway, yeah, she’s powerful, not just any plant, but a shamanic plant. In my vision, well, first I was channeling energy into my heart and then felt I needed to channel into my sacral at the same time. Then I felt like I needed a hand on my head too for related energy balancing. But of course I only have two hands. So I did the first thing that came to mind and created an extra energy arm and hand basically a third one for me to channel into my head. Then the energy was properly balancing between all three energy centres.

That’s when the cannabis spirit energy came through, channeling through all my three hands and realigning my energy body. I realised then the connection was strong as I was somewhat under the influence (not high, I’d just had half a weak canna cookie to ease some of my physical pain) and the cannabis plant was once again speaking to me as she had done before.

That was when suddenly a bunch of seemingly previously disparate things clicked together inside me and I had fully embodied and identified with the role of shaman in that moment. This was my initiation, from student to practitioner. The cannabis had just completed my education.

I don’t know what that makes her to me. Was that a passing influence on her part? Or will I be working with her in a much more shamanic capacity from now on?

She’s certainly wonderful.

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