Symbolises: Passion, danger, love, lust, hatred, rage, blood, power, life, action, fire, strength, health, vigour, energy, seduction, danger, violence, war, triumph, majesty, warmth, willpower, leadership, anarchy, malice, fear, courage.

Magickal uses: Curses, confidence, intimidation, seduction, self-love, sexual vigor, courage


Symbolises: Friendliness, energy, warmth, joy, playfulness, ambition, pride, enthusiasm, fascination, creativity, determination, encouragement, stimulation, humour, indulgence, plenty, kindness, warmth, liveliness, force, optimism. (Dark orange: deceit, betrayal, and distrust).

Magickal uses: Friendship, good luck, inspiration, gentleness, optimism


Symbolises: Joy, brilliance, youth, loyalty, inspiration, energy, optimism, warmth, caution, cowardice, health, confidence, intellect, freshness, learning, value, sunlight, vibrance, impulsivity. (Dark yellow: caution, decay, sickness, jealousy).

Magickal uses: Happiness, creativity, loyal friendships, hope.


Symbolises: Life, freshness, peace, money, envy, repulsion, disease, guilt, growth, fertility, luck, success, charity, rejuvenation, ambition, greed, jealousy, healing, nature. (Dark green: ambition, greed, envy, mystery).

Magickal uses: Success, calm, money-drawing, healing, discord-causing.


Symbolises: Serenity, knowledge, peace, piety, sincerity, safety, calm, wisdom, serenity, cleanliness, water, consciousness, tranquility, softness, mellow, ice, sadness, coldness, sober, gloom, secrecy, fearfulness, depression, understanding, compassion, patience, health, truth, devotion, honour, loyalty, sleep, astral. (Dark blue: knowledge, power, integrity, seriousness, mystery).

Magickal uses: Inner-peace, insight, knowledge, cursing (causing emotional pain). 


Symbolises: Mystery, royalty, power, secrecy, nobility, luxury, ambition, shadows, death, spirits, mourning, gloom, mystical, dignified, pride, pompous, loneliness, desperation, piety, sanctity, tension, sentimentality, wisdom, spiritual protection, psychic powers, astral. (Lavender: romance, beauty, gentleness). 

Magickal uses: Astral travel, psychic awakening, mourning, spirit work, wisdom.


Symbolises: Gentleness, joy, love, friendship, children, compassion, beauty, optimism, generosity, softness, confidence, inner-peace, harmony, approachability, affection, vibrance.

Magickal uses: Romance, friendship-drawing, self-love, gentle-heartedness, soothing, healing, peace, harmony, happiness


Symbolises: Mystery, darkness, secrecy, the unknown, gloom, death, negativity, mourning, grief, ominousness, strength, power, authority, elegance, formalness, sophistication, fear, void, night, danger, self-reflection (upon toxic behaviour), aggression, rebellion, seriousness, confidence.

Magickal uses: Curses, banishing, protection, reflection, inner-strength


Symbolises: Delicacy, purity, peace, cleanliness, divinity, elegance, frailty, death, mourning, emptiness, faith, enlightenment, glory, salvation, cold, snow, ice, air, celestial, lightness, innocence, spirits, newness, safety, healing.

Magickal uses: Cleansing, purification, protection, inner-peace, new beginnings.


Symbolises: Dullness, moodiness, formal, sophisticated, simplicity, loss, depression, grief, intelligence, logic.

Magickal uses: Mental powers


Symbolises: Home, stability, security, reliability, healing, food, warmth, earth, wood, honesty, humility, grounding, foundations, simplicity, approachability, peace.

Magickal uses: Grounding, peaceful household, abundance of food.


Symbolises: Extravagance, abundance, wealth, luxury, wisdom, power, enlightenment, divinity, glory, light, grandeur, prosperity, luck, confidence, pride, courage, joy, illumination, truth, compassion, passion, love, beauty, perfection.

Magickal uses: Wisdom, optimism, luck, strength of heart, abundance


Symbolises: Elegance, grace, serenity, wisdom, meditation, order, psychic powers, reflection, sophistication, ancient, calm, purification, mystery, wealth, prosperity, logic, knowledge.

Magickal uses: Wisdom, logic, inner-calm, purification, order, prosperity

– Taken from Enlightenment Through Hellfire: Colour Correspondences

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