Items needed
1. Essential oils of choice
2. Polysorbate-20
3. Amber glass spray bottles
4. Water

1. Decide on purpose of spray and research and choose corresponding essential oils.
2. Add 10 to 25 drops of essential oils to amber glass spray bottle.
3. Add equal drops polysorbate-20 and shake gently to mix.
4. Fill up with water and shake gently again.
5. Replace spray top and done.

1. Choose organic essential oils which are steam distilled and produced by an eco-friendly company.
2. If possible use bottled spring water which has no chlorine or chloramine. Boiling tap water does not remove chloramine which is more common in mains systems these days than free form chlorine.
3. Polysorbate-20 is a cosmetic preservative and emulsifier; an emulsifier blends oil and water together. It’s not expensive, however there are other alternatives if desirable.
4. Glass bottles do not absorb essential oils like plastic and amber glass prevents degradation from daylight UV rays.

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