Experience 1:
Am in a room with my alters, making link diagrams on the wall trying to fighting everything out, what I believe. Trying to find a truth, and ultimately, a course of action inspired by that truth. The link diagram has things added to it by alters working with me, their experiences, thoughts and beliefs informing my own. I see folders around me full of bits of information I’ve pulled. This is an active investigation.

Experience 2:
I’m holding my obsidian egg. I’m reminded of my dragon power animal. I then remember the obsidian is called the dragon stone, making me wonder if that’s why I have a strong connection to it.

I see my dragon and I’m stroking her. She looks like a Chinese dragon, with the whiskers, black and navy. She’s lying on the ground peacefully. There’s a feeling of affection. I ask her why that’s so when we haven’t met before, she communicates to me through feeling that we have met before, through our feelings. We already have an established relationship.

A bad guy comes along and she breathes fire at him disintegrating him. She then turns her head and nuzzles me, and tells me to hop on her neck/back. Once I’m on she tells me to sleep, that I’m safe, and she’s my mother. I do so, feeling tucked within her wings.

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