03/07/2020: Full Lunar Eclipse Shamanic Journey

My Private Notes
Tarot Reading:

Cards shuffled beforehand for insight of theme, two cards fell out the deck:

– The Queen of Swords Reversed
– The Hanged Man Reversed (drawn for a second time, but upside down)

Part One:

I start at the tree of knowledge of good and evil. I am on its branches. There a snake awaits me.

“Did Lilith eat of this fruit?” I ask.

“Indeed” The snake replies. “All of us who survived have. You are the only who has not. You are yet unenlightened.”

I look around me, and I’m in the garden of Eden, but destruction has been wrought upon it.

I climb further up the branches and see the world as far as my eye can see. The apocalypse has come.

And yet in all the destruction one thing remains: This tree, all throughout the land. All shining with the fruit of knowledge of good and evil.

“And what if I eat the fruit?”

“You will gain immortality, just like the trees, just like us.”

I am at first uneasy, but I eat of the fruit.

Suddenly, I am transformed into a snake. A vortex of energy swirls around me and I find myself descending the tree and going deep into the ground with my companion snake.

Under the ground is a cave-like opening, with a natural pool in the centre and many other snakes congregating around it. They are discussing among themselves how to survive the apocalypse.

“We can rebuild the world, with the fruit; our power.”

“And what if the humans destroy it yet again?”

“We shall bring them down before their hubris does it for them.”

“The other animals agree with us.”

They look towards me. “What is your plan?”

“I shall bite their ankles when they sin, so that they stumble”, is my response.

There the vision ends.

Part Two:

I climb a ladder down to a great unknown.

At the bottom awaits a ginormous black dragon, emerging from somewhere deeper still.

The dragon rouses. “What are you doing here?”

“I am an explorer and came across your abode. I mean not to intrude.”

“Not to worry. You have found me, the core of your being. Come sit upon my neck.”

I do as asked. Suddenly the dragon bellows and soars up and up, exploding out of the ground and into the sky.

Around us destruction still lays. And yet the sun is on the horizon. We ride towards it.

“The sun will always rise.” The dragon mentions to me.

As we fly, I become the dragon myself, heading towards the sun and leaving the planet. Along the way, I transform into a Phoenix, taking on entirely the element of fire.

Arriving in the sun’s core, I am again a dragon. I absorb the sun’s fiery energy within me, breathing deep, and then blow it out, aiming towards the earth.

First I aim in all of the four quarters. Then I aim at the earth’s core reigniting it. The earth is volcanic once again, just like during its original inception, and the moon around it is pulled into this fiery rebirth.

I fly back to the earth, circling around, my snake friends now all dragons joining me too. We fly around, before heading off to the stars.

“Now we must wait until earth’s rebirth is complete”.

I fly to the Sirius star system and enter its central sun. Within it I become dormant, transforming into the organic form of diamond, hibernating within myself until earth is ready once again.

There the vision ends.

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