I was trying to figure out my starseed origins. It was confusing and something didn’t sit right, especially about the Pleiadians, but also about how I was seeking externally. I listened to myself and I was saying to me that I needed to listen to my intuition, to tune into my own truth.

I got fluorite out as I felt it’d help, it kinda connected me with my third eye and made me see some general healing things. Then I got my lapis lazuli out holding onto the fluorite and had a beautiful vision of being a star, my soul is a star. It was like an ultimate truth.

I had to take my dog out and it was a really clear sky so I decided to go to the park to stargaze. I took the two crystals with me asking to inspire me whilst star gazing. I had a breakthrough in feeling out the truth which told me to meditate on the stars with the powerful third eye the flourite showed me I have, powerful enough to cross light years.

It was an ahah moment. I meditated on the stars I felt drawn to which I could see-

Vega: Mystical energy, symbolic pictures. First I saw a new crescent moon for lunar energy. Then I saw a butterfly for spiritual beauty and freedom, thirdly I saw a cat probably because they’re cat people.

Arcturus: I found myself rushing through a portal or rather an intergalactic highway which lead to a portal with Arcturus being a stargate. The beings were welcoming and friendly. They kinda felt like a tourist destination as a waypoint.

Antares: Immediate bad feeling, felt constricted and gooey, just bad news whatever happened there. Left it immediately.

Deneb: Closed off energy, protective, ‘invisible’. Didn’t want to be seen.

Then I saw a shooting star and decided it was time to leave as the crystals had shown me the path ahead with my searching. As I was leaving I realised the shooting star was a sign that my wish to understand more has and will be answered.

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