08/05/2020: Channelling Estelle

My Private Notes

Greetings, darling one. I am come to you from another time. Where we do not focus on the issues you do. In that sense out own consciousness blending with yours may cause confusion. We are talking to you from the collective. There is much to tell you about your journey, from where you have come and to where you shall find yourself.

When we mention time as another place you must remember that what we see as time is more like a continuum of experience from one realm to another. That said when you are outside time you experience your identity as an entire whole, all aspects of it whether explored in time or not.

Your interest in the subject of gender and sexuality, the two being entwined, is in fact a marker of consciousness expanding beyond the fourth or temporal dimension. As a collective we have already come to understanding of this and your image of the divine as you perceive her to be is merely reflecting your higher self beyond these space-time experiences. I would not call them limitations, but rather explorations into one facet of consciousness that your soul (i.e us) can better use to experience itself.

And so we come to you from outside your 3D/4D perception to express your blending of consciousness and deepening knowledge of our own mastery and creationship over our own inner world which has the influence on this one. And so when you feel that confusion – remember your mind is expanding to concepts and feelings yet that you have not come to understand in its entirety.

And so we are here to guide from the external vantage point as we vicariously experience through you the confusion that expansion brings. Remember dear soul, you can be any and all you desire and want to be. The human body as real as it is in physicality, is only one portion of your consciousness, one portion of your entire identity and this is when problems can arise when the two are not sufficiently determined from another.

It’s good now you have accepted the female body as it is regardless of emotion – now when you cast that physicality aside – who are you ‘inside’? What blend of personality and gender expression and sexual and physical pleasures are you left with? Think on that and there you will find your answer.

We may be interconnected as a system but remember ultimately we are one because we desire the same thing. And when you follow your heart, that you will come to see, know, and understand what that thing is.

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