07/12/2019: Scholars

My Private Notes

“My turn. Adding to what Hayley said, she was shocked to learn she too is also an alter, in the sense she understands it, a fragment of the core consciousness who is not herself. She is actually just the body name. The core consciousness does not respond to her in that name, nor do we, clearly. There’s much to be said. Many of us are wise scholar types. This is what Hayley considers spirit guides, I guess you could say we are the information holders and then with that information we advise and guide the system. Many of us are not in the body, hence the foreign feeling, but we are a large entity. You can call us scholars as a newly explored part of the system. And we will be helping you now with the knowledge and healing of all that has plagued our system as a whole many years. Spirituality does come into it, so there is that too. But plenty of time for all that, this body is getting tired.”

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