In the silence, I breathe
Short, shallow, superficial puffs of air
Evanescing most of my Seelie sentiments
Whimsy with violet Michaelmas daisies
In the torrid climate-changed winters

The bubbles of ripened vine seeps through my veins
Embolism, asphyxiation
Drowning endlessly in the shade of my vital essence
Tattooed startlingly on my sweat glistened chest
The Great Healer ignoring all my pleas

“Father, Father, why have you forsaken me?”
The splinters of blood-soaked ‘thorn pierce deep within my shattered soul
Where is this eternal fortitude
Buried deep within our Mother’s womb,
Within her infinite watery oceans?

Suffocation, within the stratification of my own pressures
Bring me to, gasping, yawning for consciousness
From my waking night-terrors
And the shifting tectonic plates of my own reality
Move upon me mysteriously, once again.

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