Patroness of: Vehement, unwavering belief, female sovereigns and queens, the old religion, fertility, cult practice and ceremony, female aggression, hunger (for power, luxury and excess), domineering wives, ruthlessness, rebirth, rejuvenation.

Few women are so demonised in the bible as Jezebel – daughter of the Phoenician queen. She is power at its wildest, upon the boundary of totalitarian and madness – but so, too, comes an unmatched resourcefulness. She is a being of excess – bountifully overflowing with wealth, splendour and rage. She is the ruling tempest, the pagan maelstrom – nature, gnashing at the walls and striking like lightning at the very foundation at the shrine of Yahweh. She is the jury, judge and executioner – her word is law. And with an army at her beck and call, she constructed a heathen kingdom in the “Holy Land.”

Call upon her for: Leadership, ruthlessness, control, justice, decimation of doubt, domination, fertility, fruitfulness, wealth, financial gain, cult ceremony and worship of the old gods.

“Take what you want and destroy anyone who stands in your way.”

Symbols: The star of Astarte and the crown

– Queen Jezebel: The Fierce

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