15/11/2019: Dream

My Private Notes

I was with this group of people, just hanging out I think, but some of us started noticing changes in ourselves. We thought maybe it was something we ate during dinner together, kinda like the infected clam from the zombie series featuring Cameron Diaz.

So anyway those of us who were changing, we had red eyes and started seeing things that others couldn’t, we also started having powers like flying, telekinesis and eventually mind control over others. Whoever had developed these changes and powers separated into a new group. I had developed them too but I was late in joining the new group because I was exploring.

When I eventually joined the new group I was a little bit outraged as they had used their powers to mind control slaves. However it seemed like a good system so I think I let it go a bit. In the meantime I noticed that whatever had happened to us/me made me act more on my desires without fear of consequence. So that turned out I was attracted to quite a few people and tried getting with them.

But in the end that meant I had sex with in the dream the woman who was my mum (she wasn’t actually my real life mum). I pleasured her and she said I was really good at it, which I was surprised and took as a compliment as I said it was my first time being with a woman, that surprised her too.

However halfway through when it was her turn to pleasure me she stopped and left. Something was wrong with her, and also apart from the fact I think one of the group found out what we had done and was unhappy about it… I can’t remember how I was gonna end that sentence. Anyway in the end it turned out she had bacterial meningitis (so random?) and I was worried she had passed it to me. In fact I was worried all our powers were because of this bacterium but some scientists came to start some lab testing and said they couldn’t be sure. We only knew that my ‘mum’ was positive for it and was gonna die soon. I saw symptoms in myself like a circular large rash at the back of my throat but was told if I had the bacteria it’d be dormant for years and wouldn’t start developing symptoms so that couldn’t be it.

That was the end of the dream. Definitely weird.

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