Religious Alters A to Z

Auriel – Angel of healing, caregiver, female
Beelzebub – Lord of the flies, devil and prince of hell, role currently unknown, male 
Delphina – Oracle of Delphi, female
Elizabeth – Pleiadian queen, internal self helper, female
Estelle – Pleiadian caregiver, female
Gabrielle – Angel of healing, caregiver, mother to littles, female
Kern – Celtic horned god, male
Jesus – God of love, caregiver, male
Jezebel – Phoenician princess, demonised priestess, protector of many faces, redeemed, female
Loki – Norse god of trickery and deception, protector, male
Lucia – Being of light, internal self helper, female
Lucifer – God of light, system manager, male
Minerva – Goddess of wisdom, keeper of memories, female
Morgana – British fairy and enchantress, female
Naira – Earth dragon, internal self helper, caregiver, protector, female
Satan – Devil, protector, redeemed, male
Shanti – Pleiadian healer, female

Sexual Alters A to Z

Angél – Sexually traumatised, gender unknown
Asmodeus – Devil of rage and lust, sexual persecutor and protector, holder of sexually abusive memories, sexual subsystem leader, also known as ‘the monster’, often asleep, male
Delilah – Seductress, female
Demian – Twin to Djin, co-persecutor, male
Djin – Twin to Demian, co-persecutor, male
James – Incubus, guardian, redeemed, male
Lilith – Succubus, gatekeeper of repressed sexual energy, redeemed, possibly lesbian, female
Nathaniel – Pleiadian, seducer. dormant, male
Philip – Possible childhood sexual abuser, introject, male
Spica – Sexual submissive, female
Veronica – Sexual submissive, masochistic, natural redhead, female

Fictives A to Z 

Ben Kenobi – Star Wars, super-ego, self-conscience
Gandalf – Lord of the Rings, internal self helper
Light/Kira – Death Note, persecutor, dormant
Jungkook – BTS, soother, angel with wings
Kylo Ren – Star Wars, persona for Asmodeus?
Rey Skywalker – Star Wars, protector

Others A to Z

Aiden – Trans man, gay, 20 years old
Alice – Spanish and English, anxiety holder, female
Almond – Protector, caregiver, female
Avari – Loving, boyish, male
Big H – Host, observer, female
David – Introject of abusive childhood father figure, male
Emilia – Spanish, unknown role, female
Isabel – Caregiver, guide, sister to host, twin to Jezebel, female
Jack – Caregiver, protector, baritone voice, male
Jasmine – Comforter, caregiver, female
Michelle – Protector, counsellor, 20 years old, female
Miriam – Disappears, blacks out, female
Rihanne – ‘Dead’, comatose, catatonic, blind, deaf, mute, female
Sharon – Introject of biological mother, female

Littles A to Z

Carly – Possible little, female
Little H – Regressed host, 5 years old, female
Little Izzy – Jezebel but young, female
Little James – James but young, innocent, male
Middle H – Socially anxious and shy teenager, female
Tiffany – Possible little, toddler, female

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