My List of Known Personalities by Role

Apparently Normal Parts

Big H – Adult host, non-emotional, prefers not to front, biological age, female
The H’s – Fragments of Big H, recently created due to retraumatisation, female

Little Ones

Little H – Regressed state personality, somewhat matured with time, female
Little H’s – Polyfragments of Little H, varying ages and levels of awareness, frequently front, female


Mummy – Name given to Big H or The H’s by the Littles
Jesus – Christian deity, saviour figure, protector of Littles, male


Jezebel – Demonised princess, empowered feminist, female
Asmodeus – Accusatory devil, pain holder, male

Internal Self Helpers

Lucifer – Angel of light, system manager, male
Elizabeth – Queen, gatekeeper, female

Memory Holder

Minerva – Also known as Minnie. Keeper of observations, intelligence, wisdom, and the mind. Female.


Duré Shanti Kané – Also known as Shanti, or Lady of Avalon, system doctor, nurse, and healer. Governs a sub-system of five, Pleiadian, female


Rihanna – Also known as Rihanne or Ri, formerly dead, female


Philip – Possible childhood sexual abuser, currently dormant, male


Hayden – Androgynous trans-man, gay, 20 years old
Sophia – Also known as Sophie, friend and caregiver, female
Morgana – Earth and water fairy, female
Nathaniel – Also known as Thaniel, Nathan, or Nate. Pleiadian, incubus, male

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