Apparently Normal Parts

The Observer – Current host of five years, core personality, female
The Intellectual – Previous host, somewhat dormant, very intelligent, scientifically inclined, female
The Confidant – Recently discovered, socially adept, self-possessed, confident, female
The Younger – Socially anxious and shy teenager, female

Emotional Parts

Little Me – Regressed personality state, often blends with ANPs, roughly 5 years old, female
Isabel – Protector of many faces, female
Jesus – Christian God of love and saviour to Little Me, male
Lucifer – Gnostic God of light, system manager, speaks received pronounciation, male
Asmodeus – Devil of wrath, persecutor, pain-holder, male

Isabel’s Parts

The Demon – Tormentor, persecutor, female
The Sexual – Dominatrix, misandrist, omnisexual, hermaphrodite
The Priestess – Pagan, witch, feminist, female
The Queen – Internal self helper, gatekeeper, caregiver, female
The Mother – Adopted mummy to Little Me, female

Other Parts

Michelle – Protector, counsellor, 20 years old, female
Shanti – System healer, Pleiadian, female
Philip – Possible childhood sexual abuser
Hayden – Trans-man, gay, 20 years old
Kira – Death Note fictive, 19 years old, male
Nathaniel – Pleiadian, male
James – Persecutor, male
Jack – Caregiver, baritone voice, male
Minerva – Keeper of memories, female
Sophie – Friend, caregiver, female
Rihanna – Comatose, female
Morgana – Fairy, female
Auriel – Angel, female

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