23/05/2019: Jezebel Speaks

My Private Notes

Jezebel here. Welcome Hayley. I have met you before.

Can you write a bit about yourself?
Yes. I am a female hater, that is my job, to hate, though of late I am learning to facilitate that hate better.

Facilitate in what way?
If someone pisses me off, I will instead of wanting to punch them, I will ask if I can do anything to help instead.

Did I ‘channel’ you, before, as an ‘entity?’
No. You did not know me back then, Nathaniel was the focus of your misadventures, fucking stupid that they were, but whatever, I get it. I have done really REALLY stupid things as well. I hate myself so much for it.

Are you the one who I always hear saying “I hate myself”?

I loathe myself, I am a tragedy, a nuisance, everything, I hate myself so much, and I hate everyone else. You see that is why I have been so unhealthy, why I have been trying to facilitate shit better.

Is writing or fronting tiring for you?
Yes, because my energy is fuelled by hate, with that I have no energy to sustain myself.

So I guess that means you are not feeling hateful now?
I am always feeling hateful, I am just subduing the full force of myself now for your benefit which is also tiring.

Second question before I forget, what if you could transform that hate into love? Would that be able to sustain you?
The thought is fucking revolting frankly.

Do you have relationships to any other headmates?
I hate them all, even little Hayley, even you, that is my job duh? Though I have a little dalliance with Lucifer, he keeps me entertained, the bitch.

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