She takes cover
Her face veiled by shadow
She laments betrayal
Through endless persecution

Let me sweep your widow’s weeds aside
Let me see the moonshine glimmering beneath your bitter eyes
Let me once again summon integrity
Destiny, for us.

Glory be, she rouses subtly when I evoke her name
Glory be, she no longer drowns in distress when I enter her space
She squints at the startling beam of light, unaccustomed
My fingers gently brush her terror-struck guise aside
She glimpses hope, she spies a tower of gay delight
Which once only belonged in dreams of her fiery pride

Oh holy abundance, indulgence
Tortured, maddening, frenzied co-dependence
Nephilimic fury
Warrior-like necessity
You kept me shielded against the elements

“You know I know”, love
Serendipitous renaissance
Regal metempsychosis
Welcome return, exalted one
My Queen, my blood, my precious.

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