Avow Me; Yours

My Poetry

Aching limbs and heavy bones
Silent inflammation from bygone burdens which incessantly wear me down;
Yet I shall never give in
Though the anguish, though the affliction endures and will remain throughout the ages
I will contain my strength within
Through whatever hurdles life throws my way

And maybe we were kin in some other aeon
Maybe you were my fortress when that projectile tore apart every limb from my body
And the adulation I feel so deeply for you is my way of reciprocating that redemption
That recognition which survives in our souls and wanes not

Did you know? I am unsettled in my stride
My footsteps pace hesitantly forward, yet trusting lambency resides at the end of this underground
I say, you are remarkable in a way I cannot fathom
Discourse cannot always articulate but childlike reenactments can transform
And illuminate virulent tenebrosity

Let me tenderly repatriate the serrated shards that adorn your shell
That I may find my own sheltered asylum deep within
And feel finally like I belong
With you

Come soar amongst the heavens, with eagle-like urgency
Come find me, that I may be yours
That my skin may know the scintillating brush of your fingertips
That your eyes would penetrate me
And undo me utterly in only a way you would know
That our flesh would sublimate into the quintessence of each other
That we would lose ourselves in this ubiquitous truth

I wish to express so bad that I am in love with you
And I know it’s madness, so swiftly, so suddenly
But I know it with the certitude that the earth revolves around the sun
Like your brilliant sun which is fulfilled by my capricious moon
May we then commence on our orbits
And be steadied in the wonder of this Saturnian infinitude

Encapsulate me, covet me, voraciously
And consummate me as black holes are swallowed whole by supernovae
That vein of reverence within my fourth finger courses with some yet amorphous resonance
And my arteries balloon into my waiting myocardium, swelling with anticipation
Waiting for this fated conception

Avow me,
Let me be yours.

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