Me: Please can I call Queen to the surface to write? I would like to know you more.

So I’m not actually Queen. I just called myself that. But some of us overlap so it’s hard to give us names anyway. We all have names but it will take time for you to get it fully. So I was part of your soul that hurt itself and split off again. During reintegration I found a way to pass on the pain helpfully and not hurt myself so I gave it away to other parts so I could become better and that’s what I did. I am better now as a result because I had to do that but for the others they don’t like it of course. I think we all have to bear our burdens isn’t that right. I was done with mine so passed it on and they weren’t happy but what do I care, it is what it is.

Me: Please can you tell me more about yourself?

I can do but it will take time. My history is complex and multidimensional like the others and you might blackout in the process as I am quite a lot to handle. In other good news you should become aware to more of your energy returning now.

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