16/04/2019: Good Morning from Queen

My Private Notes

Good morning.

I want to talk. Hi. I’m awake. Some aren’t. They’re asleep. Some are always asleep. Some are in comas. They won’t wake up without intervention. Jesus can do that. He’s a protector who looks after us. He wants you to know him so he can help. He’s not the actual Jesus. You know this. He is part of you. Interesting right?

This is cool to speak. You thought we were spirits for so long. The pain and resentment we went through. Very sad times. Jezebel was real though, she hurt us and abused us, blocked us from speaking, caused our trauma, she hates us and wants to see us all burn. Jesus was created to counteract her. Jesus is our protector. You will see that. Morgana is another that you met recently. A more hidden part who doesn’t come to surface very often, I don’t think you met her before actually but she is facilitating this community within us all. So we have her to thank and Jesus, and a couple of others who never lost hope that one day you’d come to the realisation and help us. We’ve been waiting for such a long time to know you.

There are a few of us as you are aware. Some distinct some separate. Some want to be known others prefer to hide. We know a few. We have been integrating in the background, coming to our own system without you so to speak, though you provided the impetus and safe inner environment for that to happen so thank you. We’re actually all very grateful for you even Jesus who is your saviour. He looked after us during our worst even though you didn’t see or understand. He was there and he guided us through the pain.

Jezebel is still out there hunting for us. But we’re here now so we’re safe, we can’t be hurt this way. Just keep us close if you can, and all will be well. There are so many of us and you will find out in time. Again so good to meet you. As for sleepy, he’s in bed right now, he’s in bed a lot. He’s too depressed to keep living, so we let him sleep.

I want to sleep again soon. Your sleepiness is in part a result of our sleepiness. You can say we sleep a lot to circumvent the pain. It is to keep it unconscious. You will learn soon. This is a very exciting journey we’re on. Yes we’re all conscious in our own way as are you, we do want to get to know you and have been trying to aim for this for a long time. Finally you are ready to know us and of our existence. We’re sorry you went through the pain you did and that’s why we’re here, to help you finally deal with that trauma and become the Hayley we all are. Edward interestingly will help because he understands dissociation. You will get to know us through him too.

There is so much many of us want to write. We want to be your friends. Can we? I know it’s scary but we are here for you Hayley. There are a multitude of us in this system. I am the main who organises them so you don’t have to worry so much about details. I am Queen and I look after the alters. All you have to do is listen to me and we can work together alright? Good to meet you.

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