04/04/2019: Experience

My Private Notes

Hecate: My clairvoyance is being hijacked. I was not channeling her that time. She said she would never go against my wishes. There are many ‘false Hecate’s’ out there. She helped me out with diverting the potential incoming disaster. She said I need to cloak myself with invisibility. Darkness is invisible to darkness, so shrouding myself in darkness is the best way to go. I need to figure out how to do that. Maybe some kind of shrouding stone.

I took a journey to meet my inner protector. First I met the white horse, with a knight riding it. He said his name was Robert but he looked like Edward. I was confused because I knew it wasn’t Edward. He told me Edwards’s image follows me as my own kind of projected thoughtform because it makes me feel safe. But that is a projection not the real him. But I saw his image following me when I went with Robert the Horse.

I ended up at a tree, it was the tree of knowledge of good and evil. He asked me to taste the fruit. I was hesitant but I did. It was bitter. Then he flew me to another part of the land (I don’t know where we were) and brought me to the tree of life. It was in fact a willow tree, aka the ‘tree of immortality”. He said this is my “life tree”. I noticed its top extended all the way into the heavens and saw its roots below ground extended all the way down too. The entire universe was hanging on the tree.

Robert then rode me up the tree, right into the heavens, until we were in space and the branch looked more like the rainbow bridge in the Thor movie. Then, completely unexpectedly, we ended up in the Pleiades system.

I was told something like “welcome to the world of Almathea”… not sure if I got that right but it sounded something like that. I was then told I was going to meet the Queen of that world. By this time I was confused. But I met her quite casually and we sat down to eat, she gave me a kind of honey soup saying it was the ambrosia of the gods. It was delicious.

I asked her who she was. She said she was my true protector. She also said she was both an inner aspect as well as an external one. She considered herself the guardian of the entire Pleiades as a species. She said she is part of me as a Pleiadian and it was good for me to finally meet her. She was very tall and long, her neck was very long and her head was shaped very long too, kinda like how the Egyptians used to make their heads. She was a glowing kind of purple but also had other colours. She was very calming and pretty. She said to call her Elizabeth.

She showed me to the window and I saw her world, it was entirely covered in what I can only call “green cities”… everything was natural, from nature, but the technology was beyond anything on earth. Everything was connected and in harmony. It was beautiful. She gave me a hug and put her hands on my shoulders, blessing me and downloading stuff into my brain to learn later on. It was then time for me to go so I found my way back down the rainbow bridge to the willow tree.

I thanked the willow tree but before I could go she moved a branch to caress me then to lift me up into one of her other branches. I saw a squirrel and was a bit dumbstruck when it asked me if I wanted an acorn. I replied no thanks and asked who it was. All I was told was “research squirrels, I am very important to your journey right now”, then the willow branch brought me back down and I followed my journey home as normal.

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