My Poetry

I am breathless, reposed
Pores agape, thighs splayed wide
Bottom cheeks flushed aubergine and wine
Honeypot dripping ambrosia
Fabric rent out of sight

And soulish arousal surges my midnight eyes, the Stygian dam blown aside
Flooding my inflamed face, dripping with rhapsody into my coveting mouth
Eruption of animalistic necessity
Peaking endlessly into your cloud nine

Demand my sensibility as you will
Break down my slavish vulnerabilities into rapturous illumination
Break me down, shatter me
That you may replenish me with your firm indulgence
And milky seed left stained throughout my entirety
So all that remains is your essence

My naked skin glistens
Entranced with perspiration, yours
In this cabalistic grove we coalesce, consummate
In cannibalistic sanctity we are possessed, one of the other
Equanimity through midsummer madness, together

Be my bridegroom, my master, my god
That my spirit may be awash with your beatific carnality
“Man said, “this is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh;
She shall be called ‘Woman,’ for she was taken out of Man”
I engorge myself on the succulent fruit of first sin, forbidden knowledge
That I may be reborn prurient, as your daughter.

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