My Poetry

Princess rose
Sparkles and glitter
Within a world concealed to the norm

Lacy black suspenders
Strapped to my plump derriere
With thigh highs and titillating bared skin

Two parts of me yet unexplored
The virginal maid and the seductive whore
Are you yet another apparition of my core?

Daddy, I love you
An utterance that never once passed my deadened lips
Until this tender age of five and twenty

Screw the world and its abandoning me
Fuck the system that should’ve protected me
Now I am a little Lolita once more

No more downcast but gently adored
With pastel colours, fluffy blankets, and the sucking of my thumb
For solace in re-imagining of the past

Yeah it may be queer
But the rules are fluid
Like gravity’s magic keeps us upright despite being upended

So here’s to the pretty meadows of my heart
And the fortunate guardian within
My cunning champion of healing.

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