My Poetry

Two April showers have run their course
and the tides have turned, turned up, and returned
there is some sorcery acting up within the misty overcast
a commemoration of what once could be

And I fall head first into the watery abyss below me
astral journeys of another dimension
a solace found in your weeping bloodstained soul
hurts and aches that shutter me in like a moth to a flame

Why do I always go for the bruised and broken?
is it my own obsession, a dire need to strangle the suffocation away?
take my hand as it is outstretched in loving kindness
I say in my heart to all whom I pass
as I yearn now for your wanting lips murmuring sweet nothings towards me

I know this is nothing more than a chimera
but let me melt in this sweet aberration for just one more moment
so our lungs may remember again what it’s like to breathe
and share sympathy beyond the hum drum
and like a drum I beat against your heart
with clenched fists knocking against the constraints of our sanity

Can I be let in again, can we discover an intimacy beyond the innocent?
I’m lost, ruined, a wreck of unearthed bones and skulls
of skulking ghosts running their hands through my soft cocoa hair
there is something thrilling in the darkness, I won’t deny
something tantalising in the smell of your intoxicating apparition
and erotic writings that make the mind whirl with shame and heady need

I know there’s no expectancy here
we are just travellers passing by
making life more appetising
well for now let it be so
let the budding blooms of my desire remember you
and find solace in the sympathy of your raw primacy
for some instance again.

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