The Prayer of Exaltia

Chants, Creeds, Prayers, & Texts

Our Lady is exalted among the daughters of Heaven
Shining Inanna, Star of the Sea
Robed in celestial light
She abases the cruel and the proud
And hearkens to the plea of the lowly
The rich who deny Her godhead find not contentment
But blessed is the humblest of Her servants
She delivers the captive into Her care
And takes the hand of the fallen
May the whole world praise You, beloved Inanna
May your glory be told of in all the earth
Let then exalt Your dominion
And Your valiant courage
And glorify Your holy Name
Have mercy on Your servant who gives You blessing
And take her hand in need and suffering
In illness and distress give her the gift of life
May she go forever in joy and delight
To magnify Your holy Name
Before all the peoples of the world.

Taken from the book The Sacred Myths and Rites of the Madrians

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