I’m With You

My Poetry

Strum, the strum of the guitar sings to me
And I feel something inside aglow
Oh for this life to be simpler

I’m afraid of sentiments that could ruin me
Yet I wonder to engage in it all
As this warmth curls inside my belly
And reminds me of chilly winter mornings
Wrapped in bed, in a tangle of loving legs and arms
And spiced Christmas candles that never extinguish

I imagine beautiful snow-rimed mountain tops
In some other existence, where I could be someone
In your sombre irises, in the midst of this frozen tundra

Let’s light a blunt and get lost in the euphoria of nihility
Where souls recognise each other through space and time
Where dreams become lucid and good faith is all that remains
And the disillusionment of fate drops away

And here this image replays in my head
Like a movie that demands to be rerun
Like that semi-divine monster of The Endless
Keeping me in a mercurial sempiternal loop

Even though I wish never to feel the turn of the tides
Feel I do, and want I do
And even if not corporeally
I’m with you.

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