Wretched woeful breaths
Osmosis comes at such a heavy price
Shattered splinters of my breast
Bestrew the space surrounding me

And so I eye your WhatsApp profile
Querying endlessly into your depths
Flicking through my recollections
Feigning that it’s still you and me

How do I reconcile reality?
With the yearnings I had for our fancies?
How do I wind my own chain up again?
Just to keep plummeting ahead blindly?

Oh I remember the kisses I pressed softly against your eyelids
I remember the way your warm skin felt against mine
Now I can’t touch myself without being wrenched apart by waterworks
I can’t remember what gratification feels like

Am I long forgotten now?
Do your feelings remain as flattened affect?
Let me replay our forlorn melodies
And recall your revenant that I may clutch you close to me

Oh I miss you exceedingly
Though my blood simmers in resentment
My sorrows drag me under turbulent tides
Where I am embraced by deathly affections.

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