The Brewing Eye

My Poetry

Shining tear-stained photo albums
Touchscreen glass cracked with litanies
Charcoal pupils darkly reflecting back at me
Who is this beast behind the screen drenched in torrential deluge?

Omissions and mysteries and hazy terrors
Shaped and haunted by gales of misery
Pools of grief encapsulate me ’till I’m drowning endlessly
The depths of this scene a kind of morbid relief

The watery depths of Poseidon’s uncertainty
Rule the thick black clouds gathering once again above me
The storms without and within omen delirium, no dependability
Foreshadow death relentlessly, until I give up on you and me
And snap in frustration at the brewing eye ruining the air all around me

Your cyclone meets my frigid halcyon
No more wrecking devastation at its origin
Thank you for the inevitability, fuck off kindly
As I fade into the background and merge with your adversary; anxiety

Well don’t blame me,
I’m just the messenger.

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