First vision:
We were in a field surrounding by nymphs eating a delicious vegan picnic and watching the beautiful sun set. This was experienced whilst sharing a devotional meal.

Second vision:
Aphrodite sent one of her doves to keep watch on me.

Third vision:
I was pulled into the garden of my heart. It was a small contained space yet very beautiful and filled with flowers. In the center was a dance floor. She said because I can’t dance in real life for her, I can dance here. So I did, and the night sky was purple and twinkling with stars.

After I was done dancing (she joined in), the dance floor faded and a statue representing Déa appeared in the center. I bowed down to give my respects and Déa spoke through the statue saying she is in the center of my heart and my life and that’s why I was seeing her represented there.

Aphrodite then pulled me away and said that she herself is the Love of Déa, and then that was the end of the vision.

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