26/11/2018: Medea Vision

My Private Notes

We were walking along a forest path. She told me every part of it was holy and sacred, even to the smallest blade of grass.

At the end we reached a cliff. She asked me what I saw. I saw I saw clouds of darkness in the distance. She said those are the clouds that are suffocating me.

She said what do you when there’s clouds? You blow them away. So blow them away and let the Divine in. She explained that ritual cleansing was about stripping off the old worn garments of our soul and putting on the new garments of divinity.

She told me to let the breath of the divine flow through me, and I saw myself naked in the that moment. She encouraged me to accept myself, all my fat, and lumps, and cellulite, and scars, and even ethereal scars. They all make me beautiful. They make me unique.

I then saw that my appearance had changed. I had long wavy/curly naturally red hair. I don’t know what that means.

Then we sat down on the ground. We held hands and chanted Om for some reason. Then in front of us appeared Moses’ brazen snake staff which cured all the Israelites in the bible.

Medea told me to think of one wish, that I would like to see change in my health. She said think carefully, it’s very important. So I thought carefully and then said I would like to be rid of chronic fatigue and all it entails.

She told me to then touch the staff and give my wish to it. I did and the top opened up and a massive beam of light shot up and out into the sky.

The staff was stuck in the ground and the beam was continuous. I knew then (or Medea told me) that the beam would continue projecting this wish into ‘my world’ around which I was in during the vision, and alter things bit by bit until it was accomplished.

That was the end of the vision and Medea hailed me farewell and left.

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