Phoenix Tears

My Poetry

Kiss me with your saccharine lips
Through the twilight zone
Remind me why your bosom is more pure
Than all the other ones

Oh the spirit of amour dances nearby
She bathes in paradise
And soars through the air
With golden wings
As florets reach for the celestial skies

Oh let her virtue be fed by inspiration mine
Let it reverberate on your lips
Your cherished memories which contain my name
Let my adoration be your melody

And the violaceous drapes which frame this space
They hide the tabernacle of presence
The glorious rapture within, of testing fates
Of timelines that run parallel, yet invisibly

Embrace the silence, embrace the mystique
Embrace the vitality that embers sparks
And let us be clothed with its heat
With its ardour and passion
And let the phoenix tears glow bright.

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