Power. Traditional Name: Cho Ku Rei
Meaning: “Placing all the powers of the universe here”
Intention: Power
Purposes: Manifestation, increased power, accelerated healing, healing catalyst, protection

Harmony. Traditional Name: Sei Hei Ki
Meaning: “God and man become one”
Intention: Balance
Purposes: Improve memory, emotional healing, mental balance

Distance. Traditional Name: Hon Sha Ze Sha Nen
Meaning: “Having no present, past, or future”
Intention: Timelessness
Purposes: Distance healing, temporal healing, healing karma, spiritual connection

Master. Traditional Name: Dai Ko Myo
Meaning: “Bright shining light”
Intention: Enlightenment
Purposes: Empowerment, soul healing, oneness

Completion. Traditional Name: Raku
Meaning: “Fire serpent”
Intention: Grounding
Purposes: Kundalini healing, hara connection, chakra alignment

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