The Three Faces of the Goddess

Associations & Correspondences

The Daughter:
Names: Aradia, Aurora, Inanna, Kore, Rhiannë, Zoë
Functions: The Divine Maid, The Holy Daughter, The World Soul, Mother Nature, The Genetrix, The Sustainer, The Saviour
Symbols: Love, The Moon, The Dove
Rules: The Earth

The Mother:
Names: Anu, Azna, Demeter, Diana, Gaia, Mari, Isis, Sophia, Thea
Functions: The Celestial Mother, The Creatrix, The Great Goddess, The Font and Source of all Life
Symbols: Light, The Sun, The Rose, The Star
Rules: The Heavens

The Grandmother:
Names: Barbelo, Hecate, Kali, Nut, Rhea, Sige
Functions: The Crone, The Dark Mother, The Matrix, The One Beyond Form, Spirit Herself, The Ground of all Being
Symbols: Life: Saturn, The Fora, The Womb
Rules: The Underworld

– Taken and adapted from A Chapel of Our Mother God

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