Dea revealed Herself to me as Kore, the Holy Daughter and World Soul. Kore was planted as a rose seed inside my heart, not yet blooming but ready to.

I grounded myself and had a vision that my soul-tree is Hawthorn. I am the May tree and the May Queen’s power flowers through me. Hawthorn dispels dark magick and is connected to the Earth’s heart chakra. Connecting with Hawthorn will connect me to Earth’s heart chakra.

Hecate gave me a warning that I have some invisible enemies who may try to thwart my progress again. She told me to be careful and stay on guard. She also appeared to me in a new aspect – This time as Eileithyia (Lucina), Goddess of light, healing, fate, and childbirth.

I honoured Gaia and she reminded me of our contract, but said that I have many years of lessons left and won’t act in a capacity as an official healer for a long time. She also gave me a vision of her own entrapment in matter due to the entrapment of humanity’s souls. She said until every last soul is liberated, neither shall she be. I felt great sorrow.

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