It’s Not Over, Love

My Poetry

Why? What essence would possess such tribulation?
Thorns pierce at my skull, roses envelop my heart as poisonous medicine
May my humanity be ever present within
As shards of glass reminding me of corporeality

I’m sorry, for the love which became lost to you
And this despair permeates my whole being
Even as I rejoice for the bridal chamber which will soon become besides me
The mountains of life echo endlessly
With its contorted ups and downs

Look, here comes nature’s pilgrim
She sees you and waves, she smiles, and yet she grimaces
A waking dream that never seems to end
Trapped within the waves of time
Drowned in the depths of life

Oh my god, I see the the chasm of suffering
I feel the earth’s broken heartbeat
I know the pity, the mortification
Sing your song oh sweet little dove with your broken wing
Don’t let yourself be silent
For your needs will lead you to your redemption

Let me carry you tenderly, on the winds of gentle love
Let the four rains of the world wash away your tears
And the fire of the heavenly sun heal your scars warmly
It’s not over, love.

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