Archetype: Queen
Titanide: Theia
Goddesses: Amaterasu, Arinna, Aine
Correspondences: Gold, Yellow, Sun, Sunday, Sacral chakra

Archetype: Sage
Titanide: Mnemosyne or Metis
Goddesses: Sophia, Athena, Saraswati
Correspondences: Mercury, Orange, Mercury, Wednesday, Solar Plexus chakra

Archetype: Lover
Titanide: Tethys
Goddesses: Aphrodite, Hathor, Inanna, Parvati
Correspondences: Copper, Green, Venus, Friday, Heart chakra

Archetype: Mother
Titanide: Gaia
Goddesses: Danu, Ninhursag, Pachamama
Correspondences: Brown, Earth, Foot Chakra

Archetype: Maiden
Titanide: Phoebe
Goddesses: Selene, Bastet, Guanyin
Correspondences: Silver, Violet, Moon, Monday, Crown chakra

Archetype: Warrior
Titanide: Dione
Goddesses: Bellona, Badb, Durga
Correspondences: Iron, Red, Mars, Tuesday, Root chakra

Archetype: Judge
Titanide: Themis
Goddesses: Astraea, Dike, Ma’at
Correspondences: Tin, Blue, Jupiter, Thursday, Throat chakra

Archetype: Crone
Titanide: Rhea
Goddesses: Kali, Nyx, Hecate
Correspondences: Lead, Indigo, Saturn, Saturday, Third Eye chakra

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