Happy Harvest Moon and Autumnal Equinox

My Public Journal

Today is harvest or Mabon and the full moon is near full illumination. I spent most the day very productively, first by reading The Clear Recital which is the Filianic/Deanic scripture, and then by pruning my plants as it’s the season for the old to be shed so the new can later grow. I also did a massive clean up in the same vein and harvested some lavender leaves to dry and later use as medicine as well as a way to connect with the Lavender Queen who is now my plant familiar. After that I did a beautiful ritual honouring the Goddess both as Supreme and in many of her different manifestations or rather Avatars that I felt prompted to pray to.

Regarding rituals I don’t really tend to call the elements or the four quarters anymore. I know I can if I want and the motions are ingrained if I ever feel the need but it’s rare that I do these days. I’ve found that a circle isn’t needed to make a sacred space as a circle naturally comes about in a mundane space when spiritual work is being done. So when I say ritual I mean more like devotional. My spirituality has become very devotional lately and all I want to do is get to know the Goddess and please her, as well as serve her. I recently was initiated by Hekate as a priestess (she says I am now a full priestess but I say I’m a priestess in training as I’m not that confident lol) of the Goddess and Hekate is now my new Patron goddess.

For a while I didn’t have a Patron and was honouring just the Goddess directly. But I found I didn’t really have the tools or knowledge to effectively connect the way I wanted and I prayed to Hekate on the dark moon as I had been doing already for a while and she just kind of took over my spiritual life and my spiritual focus. She has given me direction and the ability to see again and connect with the goddess. Hekate is the priestess of the Great Goddess and now I am a priestess of Hekate.

I never thought I would end up devoted to Hekate but it just naturally happened. She has taught me so much already and lets me there is still so much to teach me. Persephone and Demeter are also highly worshipped alongside Hekate as in ancient times when they were considered a Triplicity, and I think Hekate will reveal to me those original Eleusinian mysteries. In fact I think she has already begun as I honoured Persephone tonight connecting her in my mind to the harvest, but she turned out to not be what I expected at all. She was definitely more a goddess of spring and love especially and I have no idea why I felt so afraid of her originally.

Persephone also had a twice born son called Dionysus who was also highly revered in the Orphic mysteries, though I don’t know how much he was revered in the Eleusinian mysteries. I will have to look that up. But as can be seen I’m still very much polytheistic and pagan and working with the Greek gods especially alongside worshipping and honouring the Great Mother as Supreme being. They are not separate and being Deanic aka believing in God as Mother doesn’t mean I can’t see other goddesses as emanations of her as well. And so today I had a beautiful day learning of Dea in the Clear Recital and then bringing that beautiful inspiring energy to my day and harvest ritual. In fact I believe part of Filianism may be derived from the Eleusinian mysteries with Demeter representing God the Mother, Persephone aka Kore representing God the Daughter, and Hekate representing the Dark Mother. So the two belief systems are entirely compatible with each other.

So this is where I am in my spiritual life right now, my beliefs and practices are a mish mash of everything especially since my Animal Totem is the Mayan Jaguar Mother whom connects me with my ancestors on that side, but it works for me and my focus ultimately is on the Goddess/Dea aka God Herself both directly and indirectly in her many different forms. Including animal forms!

So may my readers be blessed reading this and I hope you had a wonderful Harvest just as I did.

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