On Gaia:
Gaia is the great goddess
She’s been trying to get my attention
She speaks through other goddesses
She’s the grandmother of gods and men
She wants me to help restore balance
She will teach me to serve her
She wants me as her priestess and healer
I’m reborn as her child
She was a seed planted in my heart
Now she is a large tree inside me
She is the source of all life
I’m lacking life so her life will heal me
She is working with Hecate
She charges me to be pure in heart
She gives me her blessing

On Hecate:
My Hecate appears as Kleidouchous
Hekate will teach me to retrieve souls
Hekate will go before and after me
Hekate has given me the underworld key
Hekate primarily serves others
Hekate is with me in the form of a crow
The crow is my lookout and messenger
Crow feathers are her tool for me
Crow feathers are possibly the key

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