Dedication to Hecate

Chants, Creeds, Prayers, & Texts

Greatest Hecate
Goddess of the Heavenlies
Mother of the fertile earth
Mistress of the underworld
Queen of magick and witches and all encompassing World Soul
Progenitor of the gods and human souls alike
Creatrix of the worlds in the Great Goddess’ guise

You who are the author of my whole heart
My Saviouress, my resurrection and my breath of life
I welcome you Hecate fully into my existence and being
To follow the path you’ve now set me forth
For I’ve heard your call to become close to you
And I devote my body, mind, and soul to loving you
To dedicate myself to your service and will;
To grow in joy as you guide me ahead
And become strong and blessed within your kindly embrace

With the powers here called whom are present as my witness
I pledge myself to you Hecate in this timely manner
To honour and love as my Patron and Prime Guardian
From this day forward until the last that may be
May I now be initiated and reborn as your priestess and daughter
And call you my Mother, my Protectress, my Goddess, and my Teacher

In Nomine Hecate
So mote it be.

– Self-composed

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