My Poetry

Blink, it’s dawn
Muted rays filter softly through the blinds
Blush, peachy cheeks flush warm with blood
My complexion irradiating a vivid mirage

Ah, I will leave it nebular
But the covalent bonds course through fiercely
Through fettered inclinations
With virtue by the wayside
What manner of immorality is rooted within?

I hereby recline, insouciant
In this queer haunt, in this lame way
As they say, familiarity breeds contempt
Yet the peculiar remains fetishised
The both beset by innocuous friction

Wherewith declaration is nay
For fear of hearsay, ostracism
Lest we forget, all hide that inbred whimsy
With veiled stains of subterranean relief

Terror, revulsion, disgrace, lechery?
Forget it. I’ll cosset ingenuously
With chortle as I muse;
A translucency which proved preeminently
Remission in deceit;
It’s not in what’s not retrieved

Hello frenemy; convoluted herstory
Revive with embers my sequestered profundity
Revolve this magmatic confidentiality
And extricate me
Listlessly, unbelievably.

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