The Three Emanations & Planes of Existence

Associations & Correspondences
The Non-Emanate – The Unmanifest Plane

The Non-Created, Non-Duality, The Infinite, The One.
Beyond gender and form, also beyond concepts of good and evil.

The First Emanation – The Spiritual Plane

The Creator, Source Itself, The Pleroma, The Divine Mind.
A Triadic being of Mind, Truth, and Word, represented as Father God, Mother Goddess, and Holy Child.
An eternal being of love and light whom is all-good, all-present, and all-knowing.

The Second Emanation – The Astral Plane

The Half-Creator, The Matrix, The Seven Heavens, The World-Soul.
Contains illusionary constructs as well as all souls still seeking liberation.
Good and evil are constantly in motion and striving for cosmic balance.

The Third Emanation – The Material Plane

The Creation, The Elements, Humankind, The Natural World.
All physical beings who are both ‘soulish’ and ‘non-soulish’.
Duality manifests directly as physical life and death.

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