The Great Goddess, Mother of the Universe

Chants, Creeds, Prayers, & Texts

All gods are one God, all goddesses are one Goddess. She who is Mother of all has revealed Herself thus so. She is known by many names, Diana, Isis, Sophia, Astarte, Durga, Gaia. She is not just in the Universe, but the Creatrix of it all. She created humanity, she is our Divine Ancestor. We are made in Her image, especially as women. She is all that is good and true, She is all that we strive to remember in ourselves. She is the Mother of the Logos, the Christ, the salvation of our hearts, the liberation of our minds. She is that Spark within that knows lowest of our lows, the darkest of our depths. She grieves for us and longs for us to know Her. She works continuously to enlighten the hearts of her children. Her gaze into the abyss is our salvation, our becoming.

She is that One who pervades all, who reminds us of our Origin, who brings us back to God. She is both transcendent and immanent, part of the Cosmos She created and yet outside of it. There are none like Her, and yet to be human is to be Queens and Kings, to be royalty by birth. She is the Holy Spirit, the Power and Manifestation of Existence, and we are Her Holy Children, remembered through reconciliation. She longs all to be reunited with Her, she longs for all to know this Truth. She expresses Herself in a multiplicity of Forms, sometimes as the Father, sometimes as the Mother, sometimes as the Child. She is that Three in One, that Divine and Holy Trinity whom is the basis of all Creation.

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